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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennett: Blue


1. The tiredness I felt warming-up disappeared. I just tried to keep a steady pace down and up. I aimed off to the left going down and made the climb a little less steep. It was visible far off.
2. I contoured a bit to the right which probably wasn't necessary.
3. Starting a little right of straight, I crossed the first big reentrant, passing Van Anthony along the way, then went across the big field right past a white control in the corner. Mostly using trails I sighted the reentrant and dropped-in to it seeing it about 70m away.
4. Back up to the trail, my legs were already feeling a bit sluggish. I merged the next trail and attacked after passing the reentrant on my left. It was again visible far off.
5. Heading off just a little right of straight I hit the trail again, and dropped into the reentrant on my right after passing the trail intersection. I stumbled on the hidden wire fence and was perhaps a bit too far left as I was on the left side of the ditches. I crossed lower and soon saw it.
6. I stayed high but still had to climb in the ditch up to the control.
7. I caught site of Tom Strat as he headed to #7. It came-up so soon that I almost didn't realize it was on my course. I hesitated crossing the stream looking for a better place but got both feet wet when I went right in.
8. Tom had already left. As I passed him and commented that I hadn't seen him in a while, he explained he had been injured. After the second creek crossing, I was a bit left. Tom was steady and lead into the right valley--I kept wanting to turn my map wrong but it soon made sense. We both went into the woods in the same place. I thought Tom was headed to the same control and was on the Blue course but instead of gradually contouring around to the right up the hill, he went more straight, up the steeper way. I passed a pair of men and cut left into the big reentrant dodging downfall to the control. Tom was not in site so I guessed I did it well.
9. I went straight down, then up to the field. I walked a little on the climb but could run okay in the field. I saw this one 200m away, then lost sight of it again. I had to stop to read the map and compass to make sure but got there okay.
10. Straight up to the top, I was just a bit to the right before seeing it.
11. +00:30I backtracked, then went along the left side of the knoll. I drifted much too much to the left and was a bit confused at the angle I hit the creek at. I ran along it a way before crossing and taking to the trail. It looked too steep to go straight through the field so I stayed on the trail all the way around to the right, then up the reentrant.
12. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Starting-out, I mis-read this, think the control was much closer. I crossed the stream and climbed to the top of the flat knoll, then dropped down into the next reentrant well right of the line. Still thinking the control to be near, I did not take the road which was clearly visible. I ran slower trying to read the rocks which thow were on the map, I could not see while running. I crossed the next reentrant and was so close to the road that I could read the field on the other side of the road. Upon seeing the intersection ahead, I climbed straight up and went right to the control. I should have stayed in the reentrant and used the trail.
13. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
Down the ridge in to the reentrant, I crossed the road and found that I had to cut left to get into the field to avoid stickers. In the field, I got hung-up on more stickers and high grass. I saw a few others punching at the bridge. I should have stayed on the road to the trail and turned left there.
14. I remembered this area from last year. At first I went straight and up but taking the path of least resistance, I found a deer trail that dropped down. It was faster to run on. I used the fence to que me on when to look up to my left.
15. +00:15I stayed high (climbing a little) and didn't notice the fence on the map or on the course. When I approached the control with a couple younger orienteers around it, I was sure the control would be lower so I started to go down. Experience payed-off as I decided to double check the control.
16. +01:45I was feeling much more tired by this time. I ran climbing steady contouring right at the first ridge. then left at the next reentrant. My dead legs kept telling me to level off and go down to my right so I did (I never noticed the saddle). When I saw the creek up ahead and no control, I knew I was too low and right. I had to correct a full 125m.
17. I contoured around to the right a bit too much on this but hit it well.
18. +00:15I was hesitant and sort of started right, then went straight into the green area. The green area wasn't too bad though it did slow me. I crossed the top of the big reentrant east of the field I ran through on the way to #3, saw a young orienteer ahead to my left, then saw the control 150m away.
19. +00:50I forgot to draw the line from #18 to #19 on my map. Running a bit too loosely, I was fine going up the right side of the reentrant to the road. When I crossed and went into the campground I thought I was more to the left at the next road. I adjusted right and found myself on the trail below the Nature Center. I corrected and soon saw it.
F. Slogging up a bit to the right of straight to take the path of least resistance, Ted cheered me in as he took down times. I was reasonably pleased with the run though I felt I botched too many at the end when I got tired. I'd really like to get some steady training in now but work still interferes. I'm enjoying longer runs now that the weather is much cooler but not too cool.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:05

Split Analysis

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