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Race Evaluation

Return to the Water Gap Day 2: Red


1. Took awhile to find the start triangle. Hesitated while deciding what to do. Started down trail to past swamp. Read contours to control.
2. Around the big reentrant. A little to far around. Across stone wall, over the hill, across the reentrant. Approached from the north.
3. +00:45Up the hill, between the two hills, high along the marsh and up reentrant to stonewall. Decided not to follow stone wall but cut straight to the control. ended up to far west and had to cut back over.
4. +00:30Meant to go straight but ended up at the cliffs to the north and had to cut way back.
5. +00:15East around green to the cliffs. Up the correct hill towards saddle. Tough to get down hill to the saddle should have stayed lower.
6. Around steep reentrant, ran above one set of cliffs, by little pond. Over to reentrant/marsh area. Up bigger hill (south part of it) over to other ridge. Realized I was over reading the map. Ran hard to the control.
7. Around left side of the marsh.
8. Trail to past swamp. Along edge of ridge and then dropped down to the control.
9. What a stupid control. I don't know where we were suppose to cross.
10. Left of marsh and right to of hill.
11. Passed Peggy D.
13. +01:30Got to high. Saw ruined car and couldn't find it on the map but was sure it had to be. Finally found it cut down to the control. Got there just as Peggy D. was punching.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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