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Race Evaluation

London City Race Weekend: Soho course B


1. +00:20Straight into the map, and feeling very comfortable. Stupidly mistook pink (OOB) for blue (covered walkway) which cost me probably about 20 seconds. Simple recovery.
2. Fast. Really feeling good running on quiet streets entertaining a small number of tourists and residents.
3. Straight up TCR as I suddenly knew where I was going. I normally recognise Foyles on the way up here, but conscious that my focus had come right in.
4. Round to the stairwell. Perfect.
5. Fastest on this leg. A cyclist saw me coming and shouted a (definitely friendly) warning from 15m as I crossed in front but I was moving way too fast for it to be an issue.
6. Long leg and proper route choice. Decided on the southern arc through Seven Dials as I know the route well and pace is better than navigation at the moment. Good time, even if the end was less direct.
7. +00:05Should have turned down one road later back the way I'd come. Probably cost me <5 seconds, but moving fast and knew that might count.
8. +00:10Overshot the control in the sudden darkness of the covered passage.
9. Faced off with a reversing rubbish cart and won exiting 8. Completely visualised the run to 9 in advance.
10. And same for 10.
11. Pleased with the route choice, again through Seven Dials. Keep it simple.
12. +01:00Straight-lined it, through the lanterns in China Town. The control was slightly off the description and on the ground when I reached it so didn't see it through the pace. Backtracked to check where I was and entered the unmapped (!) courtyard opposite before realising I was right. Very disappointed, but small total error.
13. Flying now, perhaps after recovering my breathing with the delay at 12. Fastest on this leg.
14. And back on track, knowing exactly where I'm going through Leicester Square and above St Martin's in the Fields.
15. Almost overshot by 2m on the final approach turning south down the alley, but recovered it just in time.
F. +00:05And sprinting in to the finish down the Strand, shouting "Excuse me"s to the tourists ahead blocking my path. Saw the penultimate left, knew where I was and turned the corner into a crowd of people but no sign of the Finish flag. Then spotted it, and done.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:40

Split Analysis

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