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Race Evaluation

Blue Hills Traverse: Traverse


1. Couldn't navigate to Start by Car, so started 4:54 late, as well as 200 m further N than start triangle. Reported split is my actual time. Ran S to bend in road, then trails.
2. +15:00Happy with decision to head SE, eventually hitting and attacking from trail to W. Unhappy with execution. Left trail too soon, then couldn't make sense of map. Then just ran around in circles for no good reason. Eventually went back to trail, and tried to confirm location on stone wall to S, but never saw it. Then relocated on rocky ground and found control. Charlie punched just ahead of me, and our paths would intersect the rest of the day.
3. +05:00Made bad decision to climb to trail N of line, then lost trail sooner than I expected, but interpreted this event as signifying that I was at trail bend. Descended through green vegetation and rocky ground before recognizing my foolishness on seeing NS portion of stone wall.
4. Slightly L of line.
5. Straight after hitting first intersection on utility cut.
6. Trail run. George leaving control as I headed in. Had seen Mika on trail also while heading toward control.
7. Good line directly to trail intersection, then straight over hill. Think going around would have been better. Hit flag with George.
8. Straight N to road eschewing trail as footing not bad.
9. Road to trail, cut last corner. Caught Mika and George joined us for refreshments.
10. +00:30Executed direct route to control, but George and Mika beat me going around to L.
11. SE to trail, then in after crossing stream. George, Mika hit flag at same time. Jim Arsenault just ahead.
12. Tried pushing and caught Jim heading up trail I stayed on trail heading NW from top of hill. Jim must have gone straight, and we merged on trail just S of tip of swamp. I was stronger goint up trail, and took good line N of reentrant E of control.
13. +04:00Trail run all, the way, but overshot control. George nice enough to point out my mistake.
14. +03:30Could see traffic on trail from flag, and headed straight to it, but then foolishly thought I was one trail junction further S than I acually was, so wound up searching too high along stream. Realized my mistake upon hitting trail bend crossing stream N of flag. Bob Dangel apparently made same mistake and caught me here. Charlie caught up with me here as well.
15. On line to NS trail, then trail run and in over broad spur. Was just a touch low. Bob and Charlie still just behind.
16. Went straight thinking I might save some climb, but spent a lot of energy, and did no better than Charlie who took trail.
17. +01:00Started to head N to trail running along extended marsh, then changed heart and headed parellel to line to pick up trail system just R of line. Caught Jim again here. Executed route as desired, but lost a minute to Charlie anyway. Hit flag just after Bob and Mika, who were approaching from N of my line.
18. Finally, a good leg. Could see Charlie punching as I go close.
F. And then another bad one. Tried to go straight through boulder field instead of W out to ski slope.

Total Time Lost - 00:29:00

Split Analysis

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