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Race Evaluation

CAOC St. James Farm: Red

Jan Erik Naess

1. P D P R 2 +00:25When I started planning I only saw the lake, not the trail going through it, so I ran around. Then the control was in the wrong place so I ran lost time having to find out where it was(farther to the west)
2. P D P R 2 Had my plan picked out before I left the control and quickly searched for the trail so that I didn't lose time
3. P D R 1 I knew where to run, and made sure to remember to keep focused on my compass bearing with my head up
4. P D P R 2 +00:05I kept on the line, but should've run along the road and cut off after the swamp, that would've sped me up a little.
5. P D P R 2 +00:03Going out of the control to the road my compass bearing was too far north and I lost time because of that
6. P D P R 3 Cut off after the road and held a good compass bearing with my head up, I saw the control from far away so ran hard to it
7. P D P R 2 +00:08Going out of the forest I didn't have a preplanned compass bearing so I slowed down a little because of that, then I came in too far west of the control and had to run up the river some more to it
8. P D P R 3 +00:15Going out from 7 I didn't have a great compass bearing so I needed to do a little correcting, then going into the control I went in too far west and had to backtrack quickly
9. P D P R 3 +00:40I had a good compass bearing but the control was in the wrong spot, oh well :)
10. P D P R 3 +00:08I wasn't sure if I'd hit the control well, or how sense that the forest would be so I ran along the trail and lost time. Wrong choice
11. P D P R 1 Head up checking off buildings and smoothly through the control
12. P D P R 3 +00:20My original plan was to go left around the houses and up the path, which would've been a lot faster, but I couldn't force myself to backtrack so I kept going straight and once I went off of the path by 24 I slowed down to make sure I didn't miss the control, but ended up using the trail and my attackpoint which added distance
13. P D P R 2 +00:20I didn't have a good feel for the direction that I needed to run so I went really slowly and I wasn't sure about what I was looking for
14. P D P R 3 +00:10I lost speed by not having a good sense of direction and running slowly because of that
15. P D P R 2 +02:00I was running too fast and didn't keep in contact with my map so when I hit the first trail next to the red boundry I cut off and had to then relocate and go back to that junction and then head down to the right one and into the control. To prevent this I need to stay in contact and check features off
16. P D P R 3 +00:07I went down the south route instead of cutting through the forest through 24. This added a fair amount of distance
17. P D P R 2 +00:05I wasn't sure when to cut in for the fence and then what to aim for
18. P D P R 2 +00:08Going to 18 I didn't see the opening in the trail to the north, which would've been a few seconds faster. I also cut in a little too early which wasn't all that bad except then it slowed me down
19. P D P R 1 Smoothly ran to the control, making the shortest route
20. P D P R 2 +00:05After race review it turns out that left was a lot faster an to the right. I picked left to see if maybe I could go through that light green, but it was too dense. Coming off of the trail I got a big confused because I wasn't sure how far I needed to go into the forest and ended up following a small unmarked ditch straight south of the control
21. P P R 2 +00:04Everything went smoothly except once I was in the field I didn't double check my compass bearing and headed too far north
22. P D P R 2 +00:10I lost time hesitating after leaving 21 because I wasn't confident about my plan, then some more time coming into 22 because I was a little confused and stopped early. I did a fairly good job checking everything off though
23. P D P R 2 +00:10I had a plan to go up the reentrant but I never checked to see that it was dashed green, it ended up being slow running and I should've stayed on top of the spur
24. P D P R 1 I didn't have a good understanding of the trails that I was heading through and was always one step behind on this control but kept it controlled enough to no have a big mess-up
25. P D P R 1 +00:06Good plan, but once I was cutting off of the trail I knew that I should be heading more to the middle of the parking lot but I didn't and stayed where the reentrant was obvious and then had to backtrack up it to the control
26. P D P R 1 Smooth run to the control, I picked an easy spot to cross the fence
F. P D P R 1 +00:03I was running fast and aiming at the first big sign I saw, ended up that that was a start on the white course so I quickly double checked the map and headed to the proper finish

Total Time Lost - 00:05:32

Split Analysis

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