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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble: Long


1. +01:00Out of the start, I asked if anyone in front was orienteering. No answer. It was obvious when the leaders ran into the fence. We cross the road and I again asked if anyone was orienteering. No answer again. We then hit the trail past the control and Randy Hall asked, does anyone know where we are. Uh-oh. I respond that we shouldn't have hit the trail. Cut back into the woods. With Randy, Balter + others. Way back from leaders.
2. Straigth to B
3. Straight to 3.
4. +00:15Straight to 4. Was a little high. See Eddie leaving control as we approach.
5. +02:30Lost everybody as they went up the hill faster. Go to high and missed number 5. Hit Junky area past control. Wandered a bit. Finally saw Wyatt running away so went to where he was and there was control. Thanks Wyatt.
6. straight
7. straight
8. Straight. Along deer path to road. Decided to to F,E,C,D so I would finish by trail. Wrong order, should have done F,E,D,C
11. On way to control passed Sam Listwak who was going to C. Saw Mihai Veres walking along trail and got distracted. Forgot to get water at control. Big mistake.
12. Up Trail. See Sam Listwak Again.
13. With Sam part of way. Remember this area from last A meet so have no problem. Getting tired going through the brush so start walking.
14. Nadim Catches and passes me. Not surprising since I am now walkng a lot. He then stops and looks at map. I ask him what control he is going to and he say 13. He is way off. I tell him where he is.
15. +01:00Walk whole way. I am to close to the stream and miss the control and have to come back to it. Take Hammer gel at water stop. Paste never tasted so good.
16. Walking rest of course from here on out.
17. Cut back to trail and take trail to the end. Cut over to road. Legs tired and danger of cramping. At road I sit down to stretch and do get a cramp. Spend several minutes on road and watch one of the leaders come crashing through going the other way.
18. Nadim Catches me again and brings a posse with him. I really need water.
19. Posse decides to walk like me to the next control so I don't loose any ground. Ah water. I drink but stop from what I want since they are running low.
20. H,G,I,J. Walk right to H. Nadim's is wandering. Others are not orienteerng with confidence. I know exactly where it is. Orienteering is easy when walking.
21. See Dave Onkst. Tell him control is right here.
22. Nadim Walks past control. Posse finds it.
24. To the water stop. Nadim and posse run ahead of me. Get to the water stop and see David Onkst running down the road. The women from the posse behind him. Nadim stops for water for 1.5 minutes. I stop for about 8 minutes. Have a nice talk with Mihai. Don Davis comes up lost looking for 17. Leave water stops and take trails all the way. Avoid bushes at all cost due to cramping problems. See David Onkst going onto final trail. He isn't happy. He walks with me. We flounder awhile and find it eventually. Go L,N,K,M so I come out near trail again.
25. N
26. K. See Peggy and Tim coming into control. Oh no I may have to run to beat Tim.
27. M
28. Take trail all the way around. Hit road still awalking. Peggy slowly jogs up to and passes me. Tim is also on the road and jogging. Since I can't trust Tim to go slow when tired I decide I have to stay far enough ahead of him so he doesn't think he can catch me. I decided to jog on the road where I can still jog rather than wait until a sprint at the end. Pass Peggy again. Go into woods and cramp up. Have to stretch. Walk up hill. See where control is going to be and go straight while peggy takes trail around.
F. Still worried about Tim. Peggy just infront of me moving slowly. Walk up the hill jogging flatter parts of trail. Decide it isn't worth the risk of cramping to try and beat Peggy so let her jog in while I walk. Just as long as I am in front of Tim.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:45

Split Analysis

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