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Race Evaluation

Susquehanna Stumble: Long


1. Started out left with pack. Should have just taken the road. Was right of Martin (the "Brit"), had to cut left. Wyatt said "thanks for checking that out for me"
3. attack off trail bend.
4. WAY too high. Intended to take the trail for a bit, but I was thinking the trail was up higher. Don't even remember crossing it. Finally realized I was high so just kept looking left for a rock and flag. Randy, Wyatt and Greg B. just coming in as Martin and I climbed back out.
5. Above stony spur on a line. Pulled up on pace, stopped, saw the giant rock and attacked downhill from that, still a little right. Martin was even more right. Didn't see him again until 14.
6. To trail. One too many reentrants then up.
7. bend, shallow reentrant top, spike.
8. f. Up from opposite pumphouse. Saw many short course runners high and right at some other rocks.
9. d
10. e
11. c
12. Saw Mihai on the trail.
13. Straight on the line, through green rocks, over spur, through clearing.
14. Saw rocks and crossed trail then dropped steep to the flat. Martin popped over the hill even farther right and we both bolted left.
15. Straight through the cliffs but ran past the first rock to a lower one. Thought Martin had punched and left, but when I hit the trail on the way to 16 saw him headed back. That was the last time I saw him.
17. Contour to linear trail, then all the way to the top, then ENE along the ridge past the second hunters stand to end, dropped on fall line to the road, left on road to trail up trail to spur, rock-hop, to ditch with water then could see it.
19. Got wide right - almost back towards 17. I knew what the big cliff looked like and I didn;t see it, so cut back left on a line towards the clearing and ran right into the control.
20. h. Through rough clearing, around steepness to trail and in. Walked the next 3 to be safe (and they were uphill).
21. g. walk.
22. i. walk.
23. j. walk.
24. Took 1:27 to get to aid station, and was there for 1:15. Ate 1/2 banana, 2 c water, and carried 3 cookies. Choked down 1 on the road and pocketed the other 2. Road and trail all the way around, then steepness and rocks into L. Saw Mark Cornish in the saddle on his way to 17.
25. k.
26. m.
27. n. Ugh, this short climb hurt. Should have done n then m.
28. On the line - cut road corner. Walked the last uphill, looking over my shoulder for Martin.
F. Mostly walk. Still looking back :)

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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