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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Blue day 1


1. Booked it on the trail; didn't bother to collect a split.
2. +01:00Ran north on the trail just past the swamp on the right, then cut across the rough open right to the trail junction. I think running the entire trail might have been faster. I attacked just out of the trail junction across the rough open and missed to the left - I located my position off the big boulder about 80 m south of the control.
3. +01:30Ran north to the U bend in the trail, then followed the left trail to the 90 degree bend and went due west. Ran past the pond in the reentrant and attacked from the big boulder. Hesitated at the boulder cluster when I examined the wrong boulder. Slower route choice than going west out of 2 past 7 to the trail.
4. South on the trail, straight up the reentrant. Checked off the end of the rock wall. Spike.
5. +00:30Aimed left slightly to hit the trail-rock wall junction. Slow running from 4 to the main trail, hit the junction, ran through the pair of big boulders. A bit of hesitation in the circle, but ok.
6. Ran up the veg boundary above the marsh and hit the big boulder just south of the trail junction. Ran up the trail on the edge of the veg boundary.
7. +00:30I meant to run down the spur to the rock wall, but I drifted right and hit the rock wall in the reentrant. I was hesitant, but accurate.
8. While I contemplated going left, I decided to go right around the green. Slow getting from the trail to the clearing in the nasty stuff.
9. Up the trail. Dancho Hristov was chasing me, but he hesitated just south of the clearing to the left.
10. Around on the trail. I thought about cutting off the trail and the climb, but I thought the wet downed trees made that route less optimal. Attacked via the big boulder to the NW of the control.
11. +00:30Pair of big boulders, road, down the reentrant, saw the big boulder, hit the control. Sluggish leaving 10.
12. +02:00Really slow; I was running out of energy. I decided to attack via the rock wall at the top of the map, so I drifted north from 11 to the rock wall junction, then followed the E-W rock wall to the control. Very slow, but route choice was ok.
13. +03:00West to the trail, hit the E-W rock wall after I crossed the stream, crossed the other rock wall and hit the trail at the bend. Attacked from there, but I missed high - I went over the crest of the hill and started descending before I relocated off the hill and a boulder. Still tired.
14. +03:00Descended into the reentrant just north of the big cliff bank, checked off the west facing cliff on the little hill, crossed the trail, but drifted right and hit the big boulder in the reentrant 80m east of the control.
15. +01:00Struggled to put on some speed; I ran east to the wall north of the rocky ground, crossed the trail, then punched down past the second wall to the second trail. Followed that past two streams, then attacked via the boulders in line with 15. Spike, but sluggish going up the hill.
16. +00:30All trails.
F. Up the hill. Time is calculated from total time minus all my splits; I forgot to stop my watch.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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