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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Blue day 1


1. Expecting a tough course, so the plan was to go slow out of the start and spike #1. No problem there.
2. +00:20Took the trail to the right of the line around to the big junction and then went into the slash. Ended up going left of the big cliff to the left of the line, but figured out pretty quick.
3. +00:30Headed out left of the green, which was pretty nice running. Got further left than intended, but just ran to the big trail on the ridge and then down to the junction, from whence I proceeded more or less straight, going a bit slow so as not to miss. Probably faster going straighter to the trail, and could have had more confidence from the trail to the control.
4. Some hesitation as I pondered whether to go straight or back to the trail. But I really think there's no option; the trail is super safe and super fast, and really not much farther. The woods are also pretty fast, but so much greater chance for error; just not worth it. Totally spiked this one. Thought I saw Sam walking through the woods which was odd, but then it turned out to be Kelsey Breseman.
5. Basically went straight, though a little bit to the right to avoid the rocky stuff in the reentrants. Hit the trail pretty much at the rock wall junction and went straight in. Spike. Should have realized by now that I need to be moving a lot faster. Got some decent speed on the downhills, but sooooo slow on the uphills. Really need to work on that.
6. Dude, could it be easier??? Edge of marsh to trail. Almost wasn't paying attention as I approached the control, but I got a tad bit lucky, so not a spike.
7. Just went straight. Spike.
8. Somewhat contouring around to avoid the worst of the green, hit the corner of the rock wall, hit the trail ~20m left of the junction, then flyin' down the trail and hit the indistinct trail, then out to the road.
9. Road.
10. Was trying really hard to figure out what I was missing here. But indeed, I was missing nothing. This had to be a trail run, no question. I have to believe I ate 2min to the leader on this leg, which is tragic. Spike.
11. +00:10Straight. A bit of hesitation/fatigue, but no problems. Spike.
12. Went straight, and got a boost of confidence as I passed the string of red runners coming the other way. Really dying on the uphill, but no way to miss the control, so I just kept pushing. Spike. Really need to work on hills.
13. Went right of the line here, hit the trail a little bit left of the stonewall junction, but saw some people to my right, so lost no time getting on the trail. Caught Per Kivisakk here, he who was going a bit slow down the hill, then passed him as we started the next climb. Got to the control ~50m ahead of him. Again, slow on the uphill, but a spike.
14. Blazin' fast down the hill, caught the small trail, went right on it to the bend, then in. Green was a bit slow, so I moved a bit to the right, hit the cliff dead-on. Was expecting to see more of the big lower cliff, but didn't notice it at all.
15. +00:05Headed back out to the small trail, took it until it crested the ridge, then kept going down the hill and to the left to hit the big trail, again a bit left of the junction. Flew down the trail to the even bigger trail, crashed down the slope to the trail that I ultimately followed to the control. Some hesitation right before leaving the trail to get the control, but I'm counting this as a spike.
16. Back out to the trail. Whoohoo! Trail run! Oh my gosh, I just can't contain my excitement!

Total Time Lost - 00:01:05

Split Analysis

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