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Race Evaluation

London Night Series 2015-16 #5: Richmond Park: Long


1. Fairly straightforward into the central control
2. Loop 1. Might have come out of the woods a bit more directly.
5. Distracted by various areas of foliage outside the woodland, so slower than I might have liked.
6. Should be quick here.
8. Didn't see the fence across my planned route in the dark. Symptomatic of not looking at the map enough, which would come back to bite me later.
9. Relatively quick to the vicinity and then slow on the final approach. Disappointing that I didn't realise earlier.
10. +03:00First big mistake. Passed within about 5m of the control, confused myself and returned to it 3:00 later. Very annoying.
11. +06:30And in my rush to get back on track, ran in the wrong direction. I crossed the road earlier than expected, and head-on rather than at an angle. Descended into the wrong section of lowland, and spent 4:00 working out where I was. Distance calculation out the window, and started searching for #11 way too early, costing another 2:00.
12. +01:30Again, stopped too early, this time only halfway to #12. Given my deadline was close to abandoning at this point.
13. Wet uphill.
F. Glad to have finished.

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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