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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2003: Red Day 2


1. +00:30overshot to the south, back and in
2. trails, then contouring gently uphill, picking up trails around to the north of hill, attacked of edge of green and right in
3. +00:15up to trail bend, across between trail dropping into reentrant NE of flag and up and in - minor hesitation once into reentrant to make sure I hadn't come in high
4. +00:30trails, then downslope through ferns just N of seasonal marsh, then taking N trail, crossing stream then up and in - probably should have taken S trail and avoided climbing back into control
5. glasses fogging due to humidity - hard to see trail and run fast - managing as best I can looking over top of glasses. East control, just not as fast as it should have been
6. +01:00downslope, quite blind, across parking lot and down steep wooded slope above swimming pool. Have no clue at this point why I didn't go down road. Hesitated before picking trail up into woods - clean from there...
7. +02:30drifted north, picking up wrong trails, recorrecting - not a good leg
8. +08:00totally messed up in green, turned around and wound up in yellow to NW, then figured it out and moved cleanly on most of the leg but then misread clue and spent too much time looking in reentrant before flag
9. not sure why this one took so long - I did trip over some logging crap - maybe I was laying on the ground longer than I thought?
10. blind and slow - better in the open field, but running cautiously so I could see where I was going.
11. couldn't read map well - wondered why others were continuing up trail, I contoured over, punched, then wondered why folks were coming back at me - never saw the loop and punched 12 first, went to 11
12. splits all messed up now, but since I had just come from 12, the run back to it to repunch it in order was really fast - probably around 45 seconds or so
13. out and south of hill, picking up trails.attacked from plateau off trail to the east.
14. travel along brook looked like total crap, so I struggled up hill to get away from it - more climb than I should have done, but I was committed to that route choice
15. middle of my map had dissolved, so I latched onto Pat Dunlavey to follow home... lost Pat coming out of woods, and no map to reference so I used description which said spur - I was on a distinct spur and spend a minute and a half searching the veg edge on spur to no avail. then in my blurry haze noted people below spur punching at some orange/white thing. Flag was not on the spur, but I could not see well enough to see it down below at first.
F. a better day than yesterday - fewer catastrophic errors, but slow, blind and not great.. I think I will skip the night O....

Total Time Lost - 00:12:45

Split Analysis

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