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Race Evaluation

Boulder Dash 2003: Red Day 1


1. straight and clean
2. caught up 2min on Angelica Riley leaving #1 - pretty much a straight line weaving around various marshes
3. +02:00left of the line, north of small pond and down into long reentrant west of long cliff. Wound up going too far down before hopping up and over and had to come back
4. pretty much straight, picking off features enroute swinging a bit right near the end and coming right in from S
5. right of line, across marsh and up into gap between cliffs, then along bottom of cliff and up onto spur
6. right of line and into control from east.
7. +30:00left of line, north of small marsh, down distinct reentrant to stream/trail junction - then completely lost it. Map did not match, I kept finding myself at the edge of a steeper slope than anything looked on map. Bailed out to a number of different places and tried again, kept coming back to same spot - no flag. Finally got into right reentrant with flag - but not before totally blowing todays race
8. up to trail, down to spur then straight in just right of line
9. +15:00here we go again... thought I was just right of line, across S end of marsh and in but then terrain did not make sense. Saw Francis F near a flag but it was between knolls (did not realize it was my #10) - somehow I had gotten N of marsh and floundered a long time before hitting manmade object near trail, then straight in from there. damn, damn, damn....
10. Since I had already been there, this leg was a reverse of my eventual route into #9
11. +08:00thought I was straight, but now demoralized and tired. Must have just missed it and wandered about just N of circle. A lot of rock around and nothing mapped in that area. Eventual bail to trail and finally found it.
12. out to trail, around the marsh and in
13. picked up a crowd in this area, up the hill on the old logging track, then over an in
14. out to trail to clearing, then up and over
15. run down top of ridge - clean
16. +00:30made a beeline downslope (good runnablility) to trail, then veered back uphill misreading clue as between cliffs, not middle cliff - and circle centered well above trail - only to look down and see flag about 15' off trail
F. run in, beat, hot, demoralized - in retrospect 13 of 16 controls were clean and relatively fast - but the 3 bad ones were blown worse than I've blown anything in quite a while.

Total Time Lost - 00:55:30

Split Analysis

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