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Race Evaluation

QOC Prince William Forest: Blue


1. P D P R 3 Probably could have stayed low for starters and perhaps gone low around to the control instead of over the spur, but my approach worked ok - easy to read the spur and reentrants into the control
2. P D P R 3 +02:00Needed to measure distance better - came off the trail early and it slowed me down. Thought I had crossed the creek by the mapped rocks, but it might have been a bit earlier (where the cliff is shown?), and I was slow coming into the control as I was off by one reentrant and hesitant.
3. P D P R 3 +00:30Apparently I was a but slow here, not sure where I lost the time.
4. P D P R 3 Knew where I was headed, got a bit tangled up in the stream crossing
5. P D P R 3 +03:00I knew I should have gone low! Suckered by my own control placement. Somehow got off to the left, relocated off the erosion ditches just before running off the map. Argh!
6. P D P R 4 Nailed this one. Came in along the stream junction and counted the reentrant in. 82!
7. P D P R 4 +05:00And...what? should have gone to the right, it was an easy attack. This was lower than mapped. Came down the nose of the spur too far left, didn't see the control in the bushes as I went high, stopped at the spur opposite coming down / ditch below and came back to make a third pass, finally saw it. Argh. Again!
8. P D P R 3 This was a great leg. Came down the stream to the road, road to the parking lot, trail to the stream and across to the other trail, then across and slow advance to the ditch and up. Helped that I knew where the pit was, but Kevin hung the control high enough that it should not have been a problem that the vegetation was a bit thicker there. 80 on this leg.
9. P D P R 4 Back down the stream to the water and across to the trail, trail to the river bend and 2xwater crossings (nice running in there!), across along the contour feature and actually hit the dot knolls as I came out to the bend in the road, easy attack in.
10. P D P R 3 Just reading the terrain from the trail on in
11. P D P R 4 Handrailed the deadfall to the trail, then up and across to trail #2, then in through the saddle and curving around the back (through the deadfall, argh) to the reentrant. Another 80.
12. P D P R 3 Even with a complete picture without looking at the map on this one, drifted left a bunch and had to run up the cut about 150m.
13. P D P R 2 Handrailing...caught up in deadfall
14. P D P R 2 Woo! 90.5! Still had the juice in me to pick up the pace, followed the reentrant out, up the trail until I could see the hilltop and in.
15. P D P R 2 A bit to the right,hit the trail and then over the bump right at the control
16. P D P R 4 94.8, probably because I had studied the map and spent time in the terrain. Easy read for me - out on the line, picked up the trail (better than mapped) and around, left at the ditch and reading the terrain in.
17. P D P R 4 A bit slow...climbed out and ran down the trail, then came in from the side so I could see the hills
18. P D P R 3 Popped out at the playground, took a moment to see where the control had been hung
F. P D P R 1 Apparently running strong. I think Jon Torrance is tired from the Highlander...

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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