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Race Evaluation

"O" in the Pines A meet: Saturday - Middle Red


1. P D P R 2 +03:00Decided to cut across close to the line instead of sticking to the trails. Was way sort on my estimation of distance and didn't understand the terrain between the two wider trails. Then underestimated how far I'd gone up the ride, turned in early, and got pulled off by a blue control on what turned out to be a root stock (looked like it could be a moss-covered rock from a distance). Relocated. Definitely not in touch, visualization issues with the trails.
2. P D P R 3 +20:00Ok, probably didn't have a good enough plan here. And somehow got totally off on what trail I was on, ended up on the right fork instead of the left. Came up over the hill and stopped short under the hunting platform. Found that on the map, but was in denial that I was that far right. Even so, could not make what I was seeing there match the map - lots more on the ground that I thought wasn't captured, and stuff on the map didn't make sense. Kept stopping to try and make sense of things instead of just bailing. Finally forced myself out to the trail, confirmed I was just left of the swamp, and came back in through 3 to be sure that I read the terrain. What a disaster.
3. P D P R 4 Pretty easy since I'd already been there.
4. P D P R 4 Decided there was no point in bailing to trails I didn't understand and couldn't find anyway. Read the terrain, looking for that last reentrant with the swamp.
5. P D P R 3 Ride to the swamp, one of my better splits. Worth looking for opportunities to pick up bits of runnable terrain to pick up some speed.
6. P D P R 4 +00:45Stopped short at the bottom of the hill, not realizing that I had a bit further to go and that I had to go up before going down to the swamp
7. P D P R 3 Had some company. Just tough terrain to move in, had a pretty good picture here.
8. P D P R 3 Really good picture here, found the control before the guy I was running with but he punched first because of deadfall. Grrrr.
9. P D P R 3 +00:45Swung back wide right, went a bit further than I needed to and had to come back at it along the trail.
10. P D P R 3 +00:15Worked down the reentrant and along the vegetation boundary. Punched the blue control before realizing it wasn't mine, but relocated and continued on quickly enough. Relatively good split.
11. P D P R 3 +00:45Got pulled too far right.
12. P D P R 3 +00:30Didn't run this with the confidence I could have. Didn't trust the trails, depended on stream, reentrant and clearing instead.
F. P D P R 1 Not worth kicking

Total Time Lost - 00:26:00

Split Analysis

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