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Race Evaluation

US Team Trials: Blue


1. +01:20abandoned my glasses in the parking lot; left of first knowl, across saddle then 50m e of bag
2. +01:40hesitant near bag, stop too soon
3. +03:40first to spur 100m s, then past boulder without looking, can't get on track!
4. trail, cut 100m short of bend, up groove from sw
5. +01:10up steep 120m s, hesitant getting 40m past bag before looking back
6. through groove 100m ssw
7. avoid yellow because I can't count the contours, stream jct. then attack from yellow hilltop 200m wsw
8. follow the mob passing me
9. ese avoiding water then contour around, everyone else dives in
10. +00:30to spur then can't get down bare rock, go around
11. +00:20sw to stream, contour first large spur then up second spur, not sure where I am here going wsw, but hit what I wanted (rock s of marsh), down long reentrants keeping right, hesitate near bag
13. +02:00Ted on trail, didn't see it on map,end up in little canyon 70m nnw
14. left of green

Total Time Lost - 00:10:40

Split Analysis

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