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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


1. Based on knowing where the parking lot was and having used the map last fall, I correctly predicted where the start would be and the approximate location of control 1.
2. Ran with Ed Kotowski and Sharon Crawford the whole way.
3. I think we wavered too far right, crossing the streams 2x extra.
9. +10:00Went left; I thought there was a path fork 150m south of the control, but I had misread the map early. We went on the paths to the bend just above the cliff, 80m SE of the flag, and missed miserably, flailing around on the wrong side of the little hill 50m W of the control.
12. N along the slope top was much faster than descending the slope straight. We beat Sharon to the control, after which I asked her if she'd stopped for a round of golf.
14. We missed right and circled in from the south.
17. I lost contact toward the end of the trail run, but Sharon was right on.
18. There looked to me to be many thickets around here.
20. We got off the trail sooner than I thought we should have.
21. From the trail bend S of the line, we erred S, noticing the wall end SW of the control.
23. Skip. At our pace, this skip saved us about 10 minutes.
24. We were handrailing along the stone walls, but about 150m NE of the control, we veered too far south instead of staying straight to hit the reentrant broadside. I was confused when we encountered the stream and the ruin because I had lost contact.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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