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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


1. I was in the back and was quite impressed with the view of all the people scattered along the cliff face.
3. The only advantage of my route choice, following the trail to the left of the marsh, was seeing the lead runners coming the other way. I picked up Nancy Koehler here, who I ran with until 8.
4. Would 4 have been the best control to skip? Perhaps. Not many people did.
6. For social reasons, I didn't skip this control. Besides, even though 23 was bound to be fast, I didn't expect to be able to take advantage of it late in the race. Good thing I was with a group, because I was disoriented here.
7. Still with a pack leaving 6, we dropped down the cliff east of where the trail went west-east. I went middle while a couple went left and Nancy & a group went right. 2/3 of the way I realized the stone wall would be helpful so I edged right and rejoined the crowd.
9. Everybody else went left (and got lost, so I heard), while I went right - it was clearly shorter, and the navigation was really easy (going fairly straight, following the right side of the SE marsh) I picked up the "kids" (Hillary, Samantha, et al) coming into 9 from the west.
10. Oops. We got funneled into the golf course and crossed a green (Don't tell anyone).
12. Leaving 11, the kids went straight down -- I ran to the stone wall corner and used the reentrant. I got to 12 way ahead of the kids. Didn't see them again until much later.
16. Wow. Never expected people would be following me! I led a pack of about 5 to 16.
20. Saw the kids emerging from 18.
24. Followed the southern stone wall segments, avoiding the green. At least 8 people (including the kids) passed me as I was dropping down the steep sides of the control feature trying not to cramp up.
F. I finished the same position as last year (79th). Thanks to all involved!

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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