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Race Evaluation

25th Billygoat:


3. Further right than many of the crowd, dropped early and ran in the valley bottom.
5. Kind of left of the line. I think.
6. Right of the line, was higher than I thought (and higher than I needed to be). Went just below the two big boulders, then turned and went left of the green.
7. +02:00Didn't want to go out the way I came in, so I went north around the hill, which was pretty good, because it avoided the steep nasty descent. Was almost alone, only Adam Rudner followed me. But 1/3 of the way there, my innards let it be known that this fast pace was not okay, and I spent a couple of minutes basically standing still, coughing, choking, and more or less barfing. Then I wasn't so fast for a while... Kristin Hall and Erin Olafsen caught up.
8. Went slightly right to avoid climb.
9. East fork. Caught up with Henderson, Bricker, and Tryson, who all had already skipped.
12. Wasn't sure how much of my sports drink I ought to drink, what with my stomach acting up on me.
13. Left Wyatt (hurting foot) and JoeMok behind. Richard Blom came walking back toward #12.
15. Took a better line than some folks up ahead (including Kristin and Erin, who I hadn't seen since #8), and caught up.
16. Picked a good route (along the marshes), but had trouble keeping track of where I was on the map for a moment partway there. Approaching the control, the sidehill up ahead looked really nasty, so I opted to go through the green instead, and got a few steps ahead of the crowd.
17. Marty had come in from somewhere, and he and I blasted out in the lead. Passed Steve Tarry on a trail about halfway there. Went cross-country earlier than we probably should have; staying on the trail for a long time would likely have been fine. Used the cairns for the last bit of navigation.
18. Down the spur, and turned right as soon as I crossed the stream, while others went more straight, and I got to the control sooner.
19. Saw a crowd ahead that included Bob Lux and Deb Humiston, and supposed (correctly) that they had already skipped.
20. Laszlo was just ahead.
21. A big crowd trudging up the hill.
22. Andy Hall shows up here, I think, as does Nadim, who goes tearing past us, but then doesn't seem to be able to handle the fine navigation at the end very well. I get there first of the bunch and hightail it out of there, hoping that a lot of them still have to go to #23.
23. Skip!
24. Small navigation error early on causes me to climb two extra lines, and a group consisting of me, Kristin, Erin, and Andy coalesces, with Laszlo and Rich Vail right behind (but Iwasn't looking back). We get to the stream just south of the control first (which is also in a trench), but then see the chimney and correct.
25. Andy and Erin are in front, Kristin and I just behind. I fumble the punch a little, and they get the jump for the run-in.
F. I think I was closing on Kristin, at least, but mostly I was just trying to stay ahead of Laszlo.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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