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Race Evaluation

CSU Franklin Park Park-O: Franklin Park - Advanced Course


1. +00:10Saw the control after a few moments of confusion in the control circle.
2. Somewhat meandering route.
3. +00:20Lost some time descending what turned out to be a 3m rock wall.
5. +00:30Overshot the control; I reached the trail junction and turned back.
7. +00:30Misinterpretted the trails; I went about 75 m further south leaving 5 than I intended and ran into MLC, who tried to start a conversation.
8. +02:00A disaster; I had some difficulty navigating to my attackpoint - a trail, but lost over a minute after I passed the cliff and gate. Apparently I walked past the control on what I think was a spur (not a reentrant).
9. +00:45Discouraged by 8, I proceeded to side hill and take a bad route to 9. Clean in the circle, though slow.
11. +01:00I took a punishing route through thick vegetation to some trails, then made a poor trail decision and attacked from the open field. I lost much blood consequently.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:15

Split Analysis

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