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Race Evaluation

QOC: Westmoreland: Blue


1. Saw control was just off the trail so took the trail at the first opportunity. Realised that was stupid when the trail bent back to the road again. Road would have been much faster and would not have had the very slippery wood bridge.
2. Out to field, across road and down to the control.
3. +00:40Thought I was heading straight for it, but ended up 100m E and had to contour over. Would have been faster to run along the top
4. +04:00Planned to run to stream jct then along the E side of stream in the white woods. Stream jct was completely flooded and the green came all the way down and across the stream. Make very poor time before cutting up thru the green hoping I was in the correct reentrant. Wasn't and had to go down and up again to reach the control. But at least I was out of the green.
5. +06:00Considered using the clearing to S to avoid the green but it did not look to bad. Straight line thru the thin strip of light green. Started out runable but once I was well inside it turned into a wall of interlocking pine branches with thorns between the trees. Each branch dumped a full load of water on me so I was completly soaked by the time I got out. Wished I had gaiters on, or even long pants. Got all scraped up and had my hat snagged from inside my jacket twice. After crossing the road, hit the big reentrant to S instead of the correct one.
6. Had been overheating earlier but the soaking on the way to 5 cooled me off. Put the hat back on. Did not want to deal with any green or climb on this leg. Angled out to road and attacked from the clearing. Had planned to use the trail but used the clearing to avoid the private road sign.
7. Considered S to use the fields and run down the long spur but decided to work on my O skills and navigate the swamps. Along the left side of the stream/marsh trying to count the reentrants. When the left side running became bad, tried the middle and then climbed up the right side to get onto the spur. Not nearly as far along as I thought. Expecting to find the rentrant with the control, I found the gully fork 350m to SW instead.
8. Got pretty cold in the wind on top of the spur to 7 so was glad to drop down again. Followed the stream thru the mud and up the reentrant to the control.
9. Back down the reentrant, thru the mud again and follow the stream. Cut up between the gullies and across the ridge. Came out on wrong spur to S.
10. Not running very fast, just enough to keep from freezing. Hands are pretty cold and punching is getting difficult. Down another stream and cross over at the jct. After the wide part of the marsh, I cut up high to get some better running and contour in. End up doing a lot of up and down as the reentrants are a lot bigger in the woods than they appeared on the map. Should have stayed low.
11. Trail around. Pulled my hands and map inside the jacket sleeves and used the run to warm up.
12. Straight, going to right of the green patch. Thought about running hard to try and win the leg and started out that way. Slowed when I hit all the deadfall.
13. Contoured N until the trail then down to the stream. Stream jct had a lot of thorns and was difficult to cross. Up the stream until the next jct and then up the left side of the spur.
14. Up to camp road and took road until I could see the bag.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:40

Split Analysis

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