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Race Evaluation

WOC 2015 & Scottish 6 days: S6D - Day 1 Achagour - C41

John O

1. P D P R 5 Good choice of a simple route - running along a ridge or hills to lead into the control
2. P D P R 5 Followed little track to big track and then cut in to control
3. P D P R 4
4. P D P R 5 Went round the hill as didn't want to climb so early on in the course
5. P D P R 5
6. P D P R 5
7. P D P R 5 +00:10Slight hesitation going into the control circle
8. P D P R 5 +00:30Had map about 30 degrees out when arriving in the vicinity of the control. Lost a bit of time
9. P D P R 4
10. P D P R 5 Why the marsh was mapped as sandy ground is a mystery?
11. P D P R 5
12. P D P R 5 +00:10Climbed a bit too far up the hill and found one reenterant too soon
13. P D P 5 Not sure if good route or not. Contouring around the hill may have been quicker
14. P D P R 5 +00:30Stopped one hill too soon
15. P D P R 2
16. P D P R 4 Corner of garden (olive green) provided good attack point
17. P D P R 4 Not exactly sure how I got to this control. Quite a lot more paths had developed than shown on the map
18. P D P R 5 +05:00Big mistake of the course. Good initial route, however failed to find the attack point and then went for a wonder until I bumped into a lake which I could relocate from
19. P D P R 5 +00:20Probably should have gone to the S of the green area
20. P D P R 3
21. P D P R 5
22. P D P R 5
23. P D P R 5
24. P D P R 5 +00:30Some faffing whilst trying to get jelly babies out of their packet. Not totally concentrating on the orienteering
25. P D P R 5
26. P D P R 5
27. P D P R 5
28. P D P R 5
29. P D P R 5
30. P D P R 5 Rough bearing across the light green. Might have been quicker to go round the ride but didn't notice that as an RC option at the time
31. P D P R 5 Splits suggest I lost some time here. Didn't really make a mistake. Tired? Slow?
32. P D P R 5
33. P D P R 5
F. 0

Total Time Lost - 00:07:10

Split Analysis

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