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Race Evaluation

DVOA Ridley Creek: Red


1. North to parking lot, then cut across field to trail at bottom of hill protected by fight hibernating for the winter. Follow trails out to road. Along road then pace count from intersection 150m to attack off dead reckoning. Found elephant path at edge of control circle into control.
2. Slightly right to cross stream, then handrail along stream to wall.
3. Straight, precision compass from 2.
4. Straight, precision compass from 3 over crest of hill. Down hill, saw control from about 100 meters. Came along Mary Frank and another Red runner along in here.
5. Sort of contouring around on the right to crest of ridge. Found elephant path inside circle down to small ledge. Still with others.
6. Contoured east out to trail, then south down trail to soft bend as attack point. Straight in from there.
7. +00:30Down hill left of line to stream. Too much banking to cross with snow. Follow stream down to fording point at trail Should have gone more southeast to trail from control. Anyway, along trail to ledges west of circle, then in.
8. Straight along line to trail. Along trail to attack point at bend. Precision compass to ledge. Mary ahead.
9. +01:00Southeast across stream, then south to trail. Mary was gone. Thought about crossing the creek at the dam, but thought better when I saw that it was covered with ice. Headed out to the road to cross over bridge. Started down road, then realized I should have taken the trail up the hill from the parking lot. Backed up and headed up the trail. Attack from trail junction and curve around fight to control. Back out the same way I came in to avoid fight.
10. Along trail to through the second junction, then attack off slight left bend. Saw the control immediately after leaving trail.
11. Did not check features en route
Bad distance judgement
Lacked confidence
Out from 10 northwest to trail. Down along trail. Lost contact with map while planning upcoming legs. Tired. Mistook gentle spur after trail triangle for the control spur. Went south about 50 meters before realizing error. Back out to trail. Saw blazes for upcoming trail junction, so I curved in on crest of hill precise compass to control
12. Really didn't like the routes in to this control. Noticed the terrain on the other side of the stream to the south looked open, so I dropped down south to the trail and forded the stream. Found a vehicle trail about 25 meters from the stream running parallel to it. Sweet. Along trail to point just beyond 12 off to the north. Followed deer tracks to ford, then crossed stream. Followed deer tracks to small trail in to control. Met a less than happy Mary coming through the fight to control.
13. Bad route choice
Bonehead route choice. Up trail to road. Passed by Karl Ahlswede. Then, instead of going right along road with Mary through parking lot, I continued on trail under road to the left. Wanted to avoid dense undergrowth off the road. Along trails to the left, then over to control just up from trail. Karl came back up from 14 heading to 15; Mary was gone towards 14. My bad.
14. Bad compass work
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Upset over the 13 fiasco, I took off to 14 on rough bearing. Bad bearing. Saw a control at the right distance, but it was the wrong one. Determined I was 70 meters east of 14 on the small knoll in the middle of the small streams. Calmed down, took precision bearing to 14; straight in to control.
15. +02:00Decided Karl's route choice was best and headed back up to the trail by 13. Schlepped east to the trail junction and headed south looking for the small footpath that followed the straight line to the control. Couldn't find it in the snow. Went back to the junction then east along main trail to junction. Turned right, along trail to crest of hill parallel to houses on the right then followed elephant path off trail to control.
16. Huge elephant path heading straight from 15 toward 16. Took it. Came 20 meters down the hill from the control.
17. More elephant path work, pretty much straight to trail, then slightly left along trail where vegetation looked sparse then in on precise bearing. Found elephant path to control.
18. Elephant path to trail, to road, up dirt road, then west on trail. Up rise to attack from junction. Headed in, found elephant path to control.
19. Elephant path to trail up to road. Left to control.
F. Straight across field to finish.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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