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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series #3: Sprint


1. P P R +00:10Had difficulty finding the triangle on the map. Then missed the first stairs and ran past it anyway.
2. P P R Lost time here, but no issues other than slow down the steps.
3. P P R More time gone, slow up steps.
4. P P R My best split (4th). Just read the map. One half-step into a dead end.
5. P P R +00:05Not the best route (followed canopy) but reasonable. Cutting across was quicker.
6. P D P R +00:08Disoriented coming out of 5 and ran the wrong way around the 17 building. Surprised to not lose that much.
7. P R +00:03Hesitated to decide right or left; went right.
8. P D P R OK. At this stage was lying 13th and was still holding an 18 second lead over Jock who started 30 seconds after me. First saw him leaving 2.
9. P P R +00:55Disaster. GPS no help deciding what went wrong here. Lost count of the parking bays, but was basically searching too far SE.
10. P D P R So Jock was long gone and Paul Prudhoe just ahead. Got the gap in the hedge well.
11. P P R +00:03Should have gone back to the gap like Cath and Jayne.
12. P P R OK
13. P P R Went left, I think it was faster
14. P P R OK
15. P P R +00:05Moment of confusion as I got into the circle to be met by a hedge. Could have gone right earlier.
16. P P R +00:05Going past 4 would have been quicker
17. P P R Straightforward. Lack of speed showing, not able to go better than 4:10 - slower than 5km Parkrun pace.
18. P P R OK. Looked for better alternative to stairs but didn't find one.
19. P R Saw the direct route late.
20. P P R Straightforward. Just not quick enough.
F. P P +00:02Mistakenly thought there were steps on the left hand route, so went right.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:36

Split Analysis

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