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Race Evaluation

OO Cup 2014: M45 / Open A


1. P D P R 3 Wanted to start well, so used the path to the left. As I was first man out, knew there would be no tracks. Was unsure towards the circle.
2. P D P R 3 Good
3. P D P R 3 Should have gone round left. Easier to run.
4. P D P R 3 LOL - map was incorrect (badly) cost me a few seconds for me to figure out the problem. Otherwise, good.
5. P D P R 3 Very nice, really seeing the contours now.
6. P D P R 3 Doh, all good until flat field, then brain turned to shit. Ran off the wrong compass bearing. Geez, how often do I do that?
7. P D P R 3 Parallel error, control on same feature just 80 m away. Ran to that one first......
8. P D P R 3 Good.
9. P D P R 4 Well hidden control. Drifted off right to the control, caught it quickly though, back on to it.
10. P D P R 3 Should have gone up to the right of the control and then in. Instead went in straight. Boggy underfoot so lost a bit there.
11. P D P R 3 Good control.
12. P D P R 3 Stayed on the ridge and then went down - good choice I think.
13. P D P R 3 Nice route choice I think. Well executed. Could have been faster legswise.
14. P D P R 3 Again, spot on.
15. P D P R 3 not sure if this was a good one. Ran out and around instead of straight. Running was hard. Small uncertainty in control area. Undecided about his one.
16. P D P R 3 Drifted slightly left, but Berni was there as well. No problem.
17. P D P R 3 Pushed as hard as possible. Legs are finished. Didn't visualise the control, and thus missed in the circle.
18. P D P R 3 Straight there pushing hard.
19. P D P R 3 Doh, 180 degree error, caught it very quick (maybe after 50 m). Slow going.
F. P D P R 1 Nothing left to give.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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