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Race Evaluation

JWOC 2014 - Borovets, BULGARIA : Long - Men


1. P D R 3
2. P 3
3. P P 3 +00:20
4. P D P 3 +00:40Good faster leg, was able to do some reading ahead while on the road
5. P D P R 3 On the rocky ground I was able to see the control from far away but it made for slow, dangerous running
6. D P R 3 +00:30Started off in the wrong direction. Was a little too far north and hit the trail, should have taken it from the start
7. P D P R 3
8. P D 3 +04:00Went up the wrong re-entrant and ended up close to 10, had to relocate Around here my map case got a leak so it started getting soggy and falling apart right where the butterfly loop was, so 8-15 was absolutely awful. I could barely see any numbers let alone the features
9. D 3 +09:00Coming in to the control I ran trough a rocky marsh. I tripped and smashed my knee and palm on a stone and was withering in pain for about 2 minutes. I was about to go again when I saw that I had broken my compass, luckily I had a spare
10. D 3
11. D 3
12. D 3 +07:00My map was confetti
13. D 3
14. D 3
15. D 3
16. D R 3 Took a bearing strait through the green and ended up too far east, should have taken the trail
17. P D P R 3
18. P R 4 Somehow I managed to spike this control, dumb luck
19. D R 4 +10:00I was all over the course for this one, not sure what happened
20. P P R 4
21. P D R 3 +00:30
22. P D R 4 No real attackpoint but again I somehow managed to spike it
23. P D R 3 I just followed the elephant trails all the way to the chute, came out a little bit east of the control

Total Time Lost - 00:32:00

Split Analysis

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