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Race Evaluation

QBIII: Day 3 Hard 1


1. P D P 2 Used clearing in gully as AP
2. P D P R 4 +01:00Good plan to come off the track but direction off track wasn't good, ended up west of control in low vis green.
3. P D P R 4 Didn't really have a solid plan but was able to pick the flatter part of the hillside and picture the rock well.
4. D P R 4 Went straight on bearing, picked up gully well, identified that I was looking for a gully.
5. P D P R 3 Out into more open forest for fast running then identified high rocky point as AP for the following rocky knoll.
6. P D P R 3 +00:30Knew I was too high coming into the control but didn't correct until I was in gully, then hesitated to correct.
7. P D P R 3 Straight, could see flag across gully.
8. P D P 3 Identified small gully as control site, simplified rock detail
9. P D P 3 Direction was a bit off as had to turn hard into control.
10. P D P R 3 Good through clear gully and strong up into control site
11. P D P R 2 Stayed high into next gully
12. P D P R 2 Through clearing into saddle, slight hesitation coming above rockface
13. P D P 3 +00:20Direction was bad coming out of control then climbed too far East, didn't visualise control site well, slight time loss
14. P D P R 1 Spectator
15. P D P 1 Easy
16. P D P 1 Easy
17. P D P 1 Easy
18. P D P R 3 Went west up fence line then carefully down the slope above the gully, visualised site well
19. P D P 2 Direction slightly off
20. P D P 2
21. P D P 3 Found hard to visualise the rock, hesitated a bit coming into it
22. P D P 2 A bit high coming into gully
23. P D P R 2 Easy
24. P D P 1 Easy
F. 0

Total Time Lost - 00:01:50

Split Analysis

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