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Race Evaluation

ROC - Camp Pinewood: Red


1. Bad route choice
Took a chance
Didn't take clear road route through start, fought through some rough and read map to waste time.
2. Good speed across this leg through open woods and navigation.
3. Hesitated
Avoided light green, delay reorganizing at 3/4 point.
4. +00:30Pulled up short.
5. Bad route choice
Followed others
Odd bailout to a trail for comfort.
6. Disturbed by others
Influenced by other competitor.
7. +00:30Drifted right.
8. Great plan, execution, and foot speed.
9. Bad map reading
Lacked concentration
Ouch... lost focus, drifted left.
10. Lacked concentration
Disoriented after stepping into a bog/water hole. Only plan was to look for cabins, and drifted right, seeing the wrong cabins first.
11. Bad map reading
Lacked concentration
Misread map, added 200m.
12. Good plan, execution and leg speed through the terrain.
13. Still had some energy left. A bit extra caution.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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