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Race Evaluation

Hollis O-Ringen: #3 Hollis Elementary School


1. A little trouble getting into the map. Crossed power line jut right of straight line and up the stone wall
2. a bit right of line down reentrant to power line, then along left side of stone wall, moving pretty well here. Saw Ken W leaving control
3. To stone wall corner and then on compass, but could see bag from a long way off and just ran to it.
4. Pretty much on line, crossing stone wall on top of spur, then dropping into reentrant to pick control up from underneath
5. +01:00Tried to contour to it, but was too low and missed it, getting almost to the power line before turning back and seeing the parade of people punching in, including Ken and PG.
6. Uphill, but slowly, PG ahead of me a bit.
7. Saw PG heading out trail to go around by playground. Had planned on going straight, but now this was the path of least resistance.
8. Got hung up in unmapped green a bit, then slow going up the hill. No problems, though.
9. Saw Ken ahead ducking into the woods.
10. Behind Ken, although he drifted a bit further right than I did. Closing ground on him a bit. He came in from the right and I saved ground by going straight in along the wall.
11. Behind Ken across the hill, angling for stone wall. Somehow we passed over it around the time it broke for the path and Ken got below. I was a bit below and saw it above me and corrected.
F. Just right of straight line, and then around school on right. Hard work. Hamstrings beginning to protest.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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