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Race Evaluation

Hollis O-Ringen: #2 Hollis Brookline HS


1. +02:00Behind Jim Waite, and trying to stay left of line for an easy attack. Better to just take the trail all the way to the marsh. Anyway, ended up right, and then went further right before getting all the way to stone wall and returning.
2. Across marsh to near course 1 start, then on trail around to the right. Lots of people coming out of the control.
3. Across yellow and up to trail. Trail up to near line, then up and down over knolls, crossing trail and then stonewall in reentrant and in. Ernst passed me.
4. Down reeintrang, picking up NS trail for a bit and then in reentrant to control.
5. Trail around to northern point, then down the hill slowly, until noticing the cliff much further down than I expected.
6. Left around knoll, then E to the trail and then S to trail junction and trail the rest of the way
F. Saw Ross as I was leaving #7 and hurried up to get home before him.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:00

Split Analysis

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