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Race Evaluation

UNO Annual Camping Weekend: Red Day 2


1. Reminiscent of leg 2 Saturday, and a couple of legs last year. Also, saw this bag Saturday leaving #2. So, as easy as it gets.
2. On compass, keeping an eye on marsh on the right and hitting small trail at knoll top, easy.
3. Along hills, with linear marsh on the left. Along genial pond to stone wall and in.
4. along wall to slot between pond and uncrossable marsh. around marsh corner and hilltops, bearing a bit left to see the small pond before up to the knoll.
5. Walking on compass to be sure.
6. +07:00Marsh was much bigger, so left to get around it, then up the spur and looking for it, but missed it and went too far right. Couldn't relocate and eventually a long way back to the big trail, then up the reentrant and straight to it.
7. +15:00Back down the reentrant, then left at small trail, and on compass to slot between Fundy and Burnham. Across on compass and checking things off, but it didn't look right as I got closer and drifted too high. Then many, many approaches off near features without success, until last pass from large boulder 50 m to the E. Flag was faded, spur pretty questionable. A common problem for me to just not see a flag and go by it over and over.
8. SSW past flag on small boulder, left side of hilltop, large boulder at top of trickle, and along side of linear hill to the control.
9. +00:30Across hill and marsh and up hill N of marsh, checking a few extra reentrants before right one.
10. Good leg, right of first pond and oover hill, then right of second pond and on hilltops, seeing three large boulders and straight in from there.
11. Climbing to hilltops, between green marshes, S along marsh to trail near knolltop. Trail past bend and down spur and across reentrant, picking the spot from position of pond.
12. Straight.
13. Straight to road, trail to building, bearing off right a bit and just right of flag when I came down
14. Right around pond and in from Neal's Cove pavilion and boat launch area.

Total Time Lost - 00:22:30

Split Analysis

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