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Race Evaluation

Georgia Navigator Cup and Extreme-O :: Sweetwater Creek State Park: Red Day 2


1. Annoying that the bridge had such a long way to get on and off.
3. Found 10 along the way.
5. P D P R
6. P D P R 3 +03:00Failed to carry out the plan I had set up, went almost off the map, and did what I had tried to avoid.
7. P D P R +03:00Failed in the circle, found a similar point to the southeast, and couldn't immediately recognize the difference.
8. P D P R A lot of up on the first part of this, then a trail run.
9. P D P R Long trail and ridge run.
10. Took the long way around, which was probably a mistake. Knew precisely where the control was.
12. 11 and 12 being completely straightforward led to...
13. When everybody else is avoiding the straight way, it might not be time to go full speed ahead. (Don't think I lost any time here.)
F. It doesn't make me feel any better knowing that other meets have steeper finishing legs.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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