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Race Evaluation

Gauteng Colour Coded - Doornpoort: Course 1


1. Tough bastard as the first control. Took a bearing from the start control and got lucky.
2. Straight line. Am very surprised that I won this split, though road would be quicker.
3. Stayed on road until bend in bank
4. +02:00Messed this up. Lost focus and missed attack point on road, leaving it late and not knowing where I was. Went N to the path immediately to relocate and then came back in.
5. Straight. Aimed slightly left to hit the first ridge before aiming for the left side of the 2nd.
6. +00:15Compass bearing. Ran on left side of gully, but almost got pulled down right branch. Had to swing back.
7. Left around the outcrop on the flat terrain.
8. Path network, cutting corners and then attacked the control from below.
9. Straight into the quarry.
10. No problem.
11. Onto the path, under the powerlines, with the last pylon the attack point.
12. +00:20Went straightish, and decided to curve round the bottom of the control, but cut up the ridge too soon.
13. +00:20Straight, but got a bit confused in the green. Didn't run far enough.
14. Slightly right of straight.
15. +00:05Right of the main green patch, almost overran.
16. +02:00Got pulled by Cobus to the left of the control after crossing the road. Parallel error on wrong path, but realised it immediately.
17. Straight and got a bit lucky. Couldn't read much detail, so went on feel of distance.
18. Up the gully. Saw boulder from about 90 secs out.
19. +01:30Straight and then to the right. This was a small mistake as the map was actually very green here. Clambered over the hill into the control in the end, which slowed me down.
20. +02:00Down the gully, but stupidly stopped short at the first set of ruins. Stupid stupid.
21. Went for safety, intentionally going too far down the path so that I could relocate on the finish, then in.
22. +02:00Tried to contour below the slope. Mistake as I didn't know where I was. Had to go out to the road to relocate.
23. Aimed to the right and straight in.
24. Straight and very pleased that I read the features all the way into the control. Good!
25. Straight.
F. Paul won a split!

Total Time Lost - 00:10:30

Split Analysis

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