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Race Evaluation

Mt. Penn - Pagoda: blue


1. Hesitated
Sure did look swampy at the bottom of that hill... wondered if I was lost already.
2. Bad distance judgement
Trails NE to the road, ran down the road, cut in at the right spot, and must have run right past the flag -- overshot most of the way to #3.
4. Alexi Azarov caught up.
5. Alexi just ahead.
6. Alexi just ahead.
8. Straight to road, around to the edge of the private property, and in on the very rocky old road bed. Alexi comes in from my right.
10. West to road, took mostly trails to tower, down hill to big trail, and headed down at the patch of fight. Saw Alexi off and on all the way to the control.
11. Alexi disappears up ahead.
12. Alexi appears from behind.
13. Parallel to Alexi for the first half, more or less following the line to the top of the mountain. Cut in through the light green corridor, and followed ditches in to the control.
14. Straight, spiked it, Alexi appears again.
15. Straight, Alexi just ahead.
16. Straight, stopped to get something out of my shoe, arrived just behind Alexi.
17. Alexi leaves in completely the wrong direction, I go straight.
18. Around on the road, staying a step or two ahead of Alexi until just before we went into the little clearing. Alexi left the trail a bit early and headed up the big reentrant, I stayed on the trail and saw the flag from below. Last I saw of him.
19. Hustled the rest of the way to stay ahead.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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