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Race Evaluation

UNO Boulder Dash: Day 2 - Red


1. P D P R 1 +01:001) Wasn't paying attention and ran down the trail figuring I could tell the clearing but I couldn't. the clearing ran along the trail, so I just cut in where it looked good. I should have run to the trail then cut in. Then I didn't read the details and just ran. I got almost to the marsh then had to cut back (slowly).
2. D 5 +05:00 I ran out to the water stop on the trail. After that I don't know what happened. I was trying to follow along but didn't succeed. I hit the trail way right. Ran along trail to the unmapped clearing area finger, figured which finger it was based on the boulder and cut in appropriately. Very hesitant even when knowing where I was.
3. P D P R 2 finger clearing most of the way then navigated.
4. P D P R 3 navigated carefully. Sergei Velichko with me.
5. P D P R 4 clean
6. P D P R 5 +00:30 drifted right. Whole line of people following me. I got confused. everyone else corrected before I did.
7. P D R 4 +00:30 I was navigating well on the boulders then got confused in the final clusters. Ended up drifting right and had to relocate
8. P D P R 4 clean
9. P D P R 3 +00:45Out to the trail. Along trail until boulder on the right then cut in. Misread the hill shape and stayed too high. Had to figure what what happened after I got the right distance. Vido with me. Mike Eglinski at control.
10. P D P Ignored the rough open fingers and just navigated to it. I was happy with my leg. Got there same time as Mike who took the fingers.
11. P D P +04:17 I hate these fingers. I find them very hard to see in the terrain and can't tell one from the other. I went along optimum finger but wasn't really sure where I was much of the time. Past the last turn and kept going the wrong way. Had to cut back and again hit the trail. Same trail as earlier and relocate again. Then to the control.
12. P D P R Ran down to the northish finger and cut the corner to the trail. Ran in and made a bone head mistake. I was thinking the non marsh part was the clearing area so went past the optimum crossing spot and in the main marsh. it was up to my waist and very cold. I was stiff when I finally made it out.
13. P D P R +00:10Skirt marsh to hill with root stocks then to control.
14. P D P R +00:30along green. Control seemed to be much farther than I expected and green wasn't easy to follow. Ran back to stone wall to check control not mine.
15. out to trail.
F. ran hard since my finish split was slow yesterday.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:42

Split Analysis

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