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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Orange/Brown/Green Sprint 1


1. Didn't carry a compass on this sprint which probably gained me at least 2 seconds per leg. Here on 1, I made a quick decision not to look for any short cuts through the green.
3. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Underrated difficulty
Not thinking clearly
Here was my biggest mistake of the race. I had decided not to let fences dictate my route choice, but here they were too close together and too close to the control for hurdling, so ended up stepping and
6. I was looking ahead in this race, and this leg, in particular was planned in advance, so there was no hesitation. I was checking out C12 as I passed through the portico.
7. I was 10s off the leaders here, but I am not sure why.
8. Took the longer L, because R had some climb and too much "stuff". I took the lead on this leg, so that was probably correct.
9. Went left again. I was still in the lead after this leg, but the cadets were closing fast.
10. Since you had to leave to the left of the red line, I figured staying left (between the two buildings) was best. I was 8th on this leg, probably because of the uphill.
11. Underrated difficulty
Bad map reading
Went R instead of the slightly shorter L because L had too much "stuff". I could have done this faster by staying on the pavement longer, and going R around the belltower instead of L (I thought I saw some "stuff" but it was just the N line crossing the road).
12. Tired
Another choice between R and L, with the correct thing to do is to pick one quickly. I picked R. I think it helped that I had already looked for C12 on the way to C6.
13. Tired
Starting to run out of gas.
14. Tired
This was an easy leg.
15. Tired
R is actually a little shorter; I wonder if anyone went that way. I went the wrong way around the statue.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:16

Split Analysis

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