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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig XII: Red/Blue Sprint 1


1. Read the map as I ran around on the sidewalk. Everything clear but can see that it might be tough to make those micro-choices.
2. No choice here, just around all the fences.
3. +00:05Went to the left of the big building and I don't know why - quick decision and I stuck with it. Pretty sure right would be faster.
4. Down the pavement to the second intersection and then through the trees. Still reading well, no issues.
5. Straight through, but easy to drift while going fast in this green stuff, despite how short the leg was.
6. +00:05Straight to path and the around to the right, not sure that made sense.
7. Through the underpass and up the walk. I think this is where Annabel caught me.
8. Not reading as well here, I guess trying to keep up with Annabel, I didn't realize the entrance to the stairs was on the approach end, would probably have gone around if it weren't for the people in front of me.
9. Back in control here, reading fine, though I didn't have a good visualization of what the big step things were going to be.
10. Went right around the building, probably because that's what others did, though I think left might be quicker because of the simplicity, lack of stairs, etc.
11. Left this time, which makes sense I think for run-through to the next control... or maybe not. At least reading okay here.
12. This one was a little slow, I think because I hesitated to see where I could get through and where I needed to go. Okay, necessary to feel confident.
13. Went left, others ahead went right, I think mine was a good move - less complex, though I had one more fence to hop (one-handed vault worked well).
14. +00:05left around the building back by 8. I think right would have been better, less dev from the line, easy enough to nab from any direction
15. To the right, vaulted the fence, no issues, though having trouble thinking at this point!
16. Back by number two and then through the path in the green, shortcut through to the control. I think around the building and across would have been about the same, except maybe less hesitations.
17. Left around the building so I wouldn't have to deal with people at the start. One more fence.
F. Felt good - I think a clean run, maybe some slightly sub-optimal routes, but there's not much time to be lost on the course.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:15

Split Analysis

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