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Race Evaluation

QOC Bowie: Red


1. +00:35Starting off, I had trouble orienting the map and locating the start. I missed the optimal way to go partly since I didn't draw in the trails which had been created since the map was printed. I wasn't used to the scale and everything was coming up too fast. I paused several times to make sure where I was.
2. +01:50I cut right along the old ride getting to the trail. At the T intersection, I plunged in, not being real careful about reading my way. I passed some ponds and felt I was on track yet a bit uncertain. Soon I came along Kathleen Lennon (running Green). She was headed to the same control. I passed her and tried to move fast in the greenish terrain which was pushing me to the right. I didn't do a careful job of drawing my course on the map and my control description was folded over in my arm holder because it was too big. I thought the control would be past the drop off. Though I stopped at the edge to read the knolls, I felt I knew where I was and went on. I had just missed the control to my right 10-15m away. I circled about perplexed at the bottom. Soon Kathleen came along and said something but I didn't hear her correctly. I thought she was saying it was a tough control and went on futiley searching low. Finally she said it again and I ran up checking another spot before going in the direction she pointed. I don't usually want help from people in the woods but with this being a local meet and my having copied the control incorrectly it was appreciated.
3. I ran out straight and eventually got on the main trail. I had set a control in the exact location before when I was a course setter here so I knew it wouldn't be as hard as it looked. After using the trail, I cut in and ran along the knolls until I found it on my right.
4. +00:20Out to the main trail, I cut in at the first intersection. I probably should have gone straight further but I probably didn't lose much time. I cut past a well known boulder group and took aim at the trail ahead. Crossing it, I got too far to the right by only 5m. I saw the control but had the choice obstacle of a fallen tree or a much deeper than apparant depression to get around. I chose the tree. The control seemed to be on a ridge more than a reentrant but it's a difficult spot to map.
5. +00:12I ran NW first and used the trails to get to the RR tracks. I cut in just a bit early, saw the marsh in my way and backed out. Cutting in just a little bit ahead, I had no further trouble.
6. I ran straightish with a little weight to the left side to get around some visible green. I saw the control a good distance away.
7. +00:15I followed my memory more than my compass and the map. After going straight, I could see the water on my right. I kept the same distance away from it but failed to realized I was curving away from the control. A wet ditch fooled me into thinking I was seeing the main creek. I corrected.
8. Through the underpass I saw Clem McGrath coming the other direction. I used trails getting to the bridge.
9. I stayed on the trail until it petered out. Following between the ditch on my left and the main water on my right I kept straight as the ditch cut left. I saw if a long way off.
10. +00:30I kept setting bad bearings on this leg. I hit the first body of water and thought it was the flowing creek. I had to pause a while before realizing that I needed to be more to the right. Once I got around it, I set the same bad bearing and ended up too far left at the flowing creek.
11. I used trails the whole way until the last 100m. I almost caught Dasha from DVOA. before cutting in just before the green and after a wet ditch. Dasha heard me coming and followed behind. I spiked it and saw it a good way off. In hind sight, I could have cut a corner near #16. This area has gotten less thorny than it was.
12. +00:10I ran straight back toward the trails. There was a sort of elephant track making it easy and I wondered if it was a deer trail. I started to go straight but the way down to the flats looked slow due to debris. I backed out and ran around the trail. When I finally got to the corner, I expected the control to be more to my left but it was high and on the knoll. It seemed the trail bend/knoll alignment might have been off.
13. +00:08I lost time on this one because I at first started to go down to the flats, then backed up because I was not on a good compass bearing. I later descended just where I'd been to get around the pond. I bounded across at the end. Both feet hit the water but only one got wet in the shoe.
14. Back across the water, I kept a bearing a bit to the right to get around trees and water. I saw that the pond at the end was full with not much shoreline. I cut right more, into the woods then ran straight over to the control. It was in a greener area than mapped. I recalled having been there before.
15. In a previous meet I had set a control very near where this one was. Having walked around it then I remembered some features but mostly remembered to use the high ground and water when possible. I hugged the pond to the right and rounded the next one on my left. I saw people ahead and very soon after saw the control from a distance.
16. I kept low heading toward the trail, trying to use the flater reentrant as much as possible rather than wasting time going up and down; I knew not to try to cross the water. Coming off the trail bend, I could see it ahead. The area used to be more thorny but it was fairly clear running this time.
17. I headed to the trail hitting it perpendicularly, then cut right. I felt like I wasn't getting much speed with the open running. After crossing the stream near the bridge that I'd come over earlier, I continued on the trail until I saw the depression on my right. Attacking on a bearing, I kept thinking that the shoreline didn't look right for the direction I was going. I picked up the pace and saw it far ahead on my bearing.
18. I angled to the trail and cut right. I went around on the trail and open space rather than taking the straighter route knowing that straight was too wet, thorny and with rougher vegetation to be optimal.
19. Running out, I suppose I was reading my map for a bearing and trying to run hard. I ran into a pine tree branch that spiked me on my right breast--ouch. It cut me and still hurts a bit now.
20. I drank but moved a bit better under the RR tracks to the control.
21. +01:00I was a little surprised to have the long trail run along the tracks rather than another control to the left. As the road curved away from the tracks I was worried about the motorcyclist that I heard catching up quickly. I didn't want to be in their way as they rounded the curve but they seemed to turn around. I kept to the trail until getting around a deep waterway. When I attacked, I was reading the control to be a dot knoll near the bigger hill. I went there and along the way saw a control on a boulder figuiring it wasn't mine. I either drew my course badly on the map or something else. I should have read the control description when running the road. After searching around, I ran to the control on the boulder that I'd seen earlier, still believing it wasn't mine but it was.
22. +00:25Flustered a bit, I started to run straight toward the power lines. I passed some young girls who started to follow but I stopped when I saw a bunch of deadfall ahead. I backed out and went south to the road and so did the girls. I should have stayed on the road but when crossing the power lines I saw good open running that I'd forgotten about. A little way further up the power lines I had second thoughts about being able to get a good attack point and about crossing standing water. I started to pass the marshy ride to my left but then backed up to use it and go around. After going around and as I attacked off the road, I saw Tim Good approaching from my right. I got there well ahead of him.
23. I have a history of screwing up when running away from Tim. He and I were closer in results for several years. I ran out on the ridge to the road and cut left only a little way. I knew where the control was from having set a control there years back and angled to it cleanly.
24. +01:45As I left #23, I looked left and saw a bit of standing water. I decided not to try to get to the ride in the marsh since there have been thorns that way and when it's wet there it's deep and slow. I'd been out a bit more parallel to the ride before and it used to be that there was almost a deer trail through it. This time, new deadfall blocked my way and pushed me further right. After emerging on a trail, it took a few seconds to validate where I was and I saw Tim Good moving ahead of me to the left--the ride had been dry after all. I'd lost a lot of time not using it. Going somewhat behind him I though I was using the trails which seemed to be overgrown with new deadfall. My GPS track seems to indicate I cut over off trail. Finally past the obstacles and leaving the last road, Tim was further left seemingly looking to go over a knoll. I went more straight from the intersection and stayed along the flats hugging the high ground. The mapping in this area doesn't really do justice to what's there. Dave Linthicum had field checked it when it was covered in deep snow. I had thought the boulder would be more to my left but believing my compass and remembering the large boulder, I went right to it.
25. +01:30With Tim hot on my track, I again left the control fast. I had set a very similar leg when I had course set here earlier. I ran around with the green on my left. Crossing through only a thin spur of it, I came up to a pond. It looked small so I kept going until I saw a larger one on my left. I couldn't figure out the mapping in the area. There seemed to be a wet pit and a knoll to my right but there was no control. I remember having checked the mapping in the area in the past and thought it was good then. I had pulled up short and hadn't finished cutting left enough. I looped about and very soon, Tim caught up. We both fumbled about a bit; I probably had screwed-up him much as we'd both done in previous races. Tim moved off like he knew where to go. I kind of stayed around the same area trying to figure out what the large water, water pit and knoll could be. My orientation had been mostly to look away from the water. I think Tim saw it before I did. His movement probably clued me in to look too. Though he was closer, I cut around on clearer ground and got there first. It was hung high which was nice. I could have lost a lot more time.
26. I ran out fairly straight headed into the green. I got through it pretty quickly and cut left for just a short way to get to the trail intersection. I started down it like I was going to pass #1 on my left but cut right when I saw the unmapped trail. In the open area, I didn't want to have to go around at the T-intersection so I went straight. My aim was a bit to the right. I corrected staying on trails and moving quickly to near a trail end and then spiked it.
F. I ran straight trying to pickup speed.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:40

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