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Race Evaluation

Hill Billy Goat:


1. B - Decided on BECAD to hit D last to climb the hill on the way to 6.
2. +02:00E - Despite the crowd running down the stream, drfifted right and then was drawn further right seeing Brad and Eddie on their way to C. Decided it was about time to turn my brain on.
3. +03:00C - Started thinking, but spent time hunting for the control which was a bit further up the hill than I expected.
4. +02:00A - A nice unmapped trail paralleling the mapped one left me too low when I attacked from the trail/stream junction SE of A.
5. D - Crossed the stream and contoured into D - finally did one right!
6. Ainmed off to the North and followed the stream down to the control.
7. Out to the trail and down the hill to the road intersection. Got passed on the trail by two guys much faster than me (Owen and Graham Baird?) but out navigated them to 7 by cutting from the trail bend straight to the road junction and then cutting in off the road at the right time.
8. Up the trail, climb a few contours beyond the trail split and then contour to the reentrant.
9. +03:00Over to the road and up to the clearing. Spent 3 minutes adjusting socks and retying my shoes before punching at 9.
10. Followed the small trail out of the clearing and then aimed toward the boundary corner. Saw one yellow blaze and then crossed the lower reentrant, managed to ignore the unmapped trail and suddenly noticed Ann about 30 meters ahead.
11. Headed out to the mapped trail, cut the corner through the woods and came out on the road just below the clearing and Ann's car. Rand the trail to the bend and in to the control.
12. Trail to the top, past the rock piles and in.
13. +03:00Up the road to the mapped trail, climbed on the trail and contoured across to the SLASH AND BRAMBLES which I knew about - DOH! They were slow but I was able to navigate through without losing much blood. Finally came out on the N-S trail and headed up to the clearing.
14. Back-tracked along the path we took to the start.
15. Time for a new map and some food.
16. Through the barn, across the yellow field (both on the map and in the terrain!), up the road and cut in along the veg boundary to the control.
17. +08:00Spiked this one - if the bag had been where Ann put it! Then spent more time than most scouring the hill until I stumbled on it.
18. Followed the indistinct trail along the contour until the indistinct trail up the hill. Climbed to the boundary line, then climbed some more to the reentrant.
19. East to the trail, then trail and road run to the cliff. Had lots of time to plan the window. Decided to FGHJI (but ...)
20. +05:00H - Changed my mind on the window order coming out of 19. Headed south to hit the first mapped trail, then planned to cut to the second trail and head out to the road and down to H. Got caught on an unmapped trail and came out on the road at the northernmost clearing. "Relocated" on Ann's car in the second clearing and pacecounted from there down the road and in to H. In retrospect, I think FGHJI was the better choice since it's a more direct road or trail run to F and I'm sure I could've done I-25 better than I did F-25.
21. +02:00J - Had the same problem as others, and came in a bit downstream from where the bag was hung.
22. I -Used the steep bank as a handrail in from the south.
23. G - Funneled in by the stream and steep bank.
24. F - UP! Didn't seem as bad as it looked on the map - must've been numb.
25. +15:00Got to the road fine aiming off to the right but just couldn't seem to find the right distinct tree by the control. Finally relocated on the clear hill 300m north (near 12)
26. SW along the dry ditch then up the bank on the far side of the stream - hadn't noticed that the stream bank was two contours until I got there.
27. +01:00Unknowingly took the new, unmapped trail which is somewhat longer than the mapped trail I intended to take. Followed stream right down to control from trail heading off from clearing by road.
28. +02:00Drifted right and relocated on the camp buildings.
F. One more hill. Dropped my now empty Camelbak at the car and headed on in.

Total Time Lost - 00:46:00

Split Analysis

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