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Race Evaluation

Hill Billy Goat:


1. +04:00(B) I was late getting to start and was standing on trail by clearing when event started. I could hear voices but not see anyone. Went to clearing and did not know race had started because everyone was standing around. Got a map right after Eddie who was trading his 2nd half map back for a first half. Still had to tie my shoes so was over 4 minutes late starting. Watch split was 516. Had not seen which way most people went and was all alone. Went out to trail and down road. Woods were very unpleasant when I got to them. Going to be a long day. Passed my first person before reaching the control.
2. Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Unused to map
(C) Plan was to go trail to (A) picking up (C) on the way, down stream to (D) stream again to (E) then to (6) from trail jct and end of stream. Might have worked except for blowing (C) Could not recognize it from above, got to bend and came in from small clearing to W. Still wandered a bit even then, was not where I expected it.
3. (A) Back to trail. Started looking just past stream and saw it from trail.
4. (D) Down stream, cross stream and straight to bag.
5. Lacked confidence
(E) This was the only problem with my window choice since I was running away from (6). Took longer that expected because the woods were lousy. Saw Sandy F. about halfway. She mentioned something about (C). Said I had picked it up already from trail on far side. Found (E) dead on, just slow getting there. Hit watch at some point during leg so had no split, no cumulative time, and no way to determine how late I actually started. Split determined by calculating back from seeing Francis at (6-9) Time probably better since any additional time from starting late ended up here.
6. Lacked confidence
Trail up hill, past end of stream and eventually in to control. Wasted some time short. Most just ran slow. Frances H. and two others came in from NE.
7. Did not follow plan
Ran out to trail but mostly missed it to N. Hitting it just before Y jct. Caught up with Raymond Chung at this point. Straight down hill to other trail crossing stream at bridge. Road to jct then angled in after 100 m. Raymond right behind me and Frances (doing a much better job on the trails) right behind him.
8. +01:00Road to trail, then cut in to reentrant. Unfortunately I did not see the bag when I looked in. Continued up decided I was to high came back down to see Frances go directly to it. Raymond passed me also.
9. Straight down to road then up to clearing. Figure this must be the hill leg coming because of the consecutive water stops so I take it easy on the road. Frances, Raymond, and I arrive together. Frances, with supplies on his back punches and goes on without stopping. Raymond and I drink first then punch and go.
10. Frances looks like he is going on a straight line. I start to follow but then find some nicer running on a variety of indistanct trails and veg boundaries which head straight up. Figure I can drift into the reentrant higher up or just miss the control and come back from the trail above. Hit the unmapped trail, know I am to low, adjust north a bit to find the reentrant then up and hit the control perfectly. Never saw nor looked for the boundary. Official hill time 7:47. Now I can see how much time I lose punching with a cast. Raymond is coming up from below as I leave.
11. Bad route choice
Down to lower trail and take it to road. Brad is right that the upper trail would have been much better. To make things worse I decide to cut the corner instead of going to clearing. After what seemed like forever I hit the trail.
12. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Took a chance
Bad map reading
Took trail all the way to road, then got careless and cut in to soon. Wandered a bit before finding the marsh.
13. Took a chance
Did not like map
Considered the road run past the start but figured the trail past BCA would save lots of climb. Went by (B) but had a much harder time finding trail then I had the first time. Wondered if the window order rules required A-E to be punched before 6. Could have saved a lot of time earlier by leaving them for now. From the trail above 13, I cut in when I saw clearing and ran around forever looking for the control. Could not match what I saw with the map. Seem to recall some meet notes about this area but had not had time to read them. Eventually headed back toward trail intending to attack from jct. Found control on the way.
14. Lacked confidence
Do not know why this took so long. Saw Raymond in the field as I punched.
15. Hurried in case Raymond was going 1/2 way and would kick.
16. +02:00Saw Raymond, Sandy, Eric, Corinne while I drank some ERG and snacked. Thought I was in before all of them but was definately the last to leave. Because of the rush at the start, my 2nd half belt pack was not ready. Took a bottle of ERG & a powerbar, retied my shoes and continued. Past the pond to field corner, up road and then along edge of semi-open.
17. Hit trail at jct. then down to control. Think I saw Sandy and Eric on trail going to 18. I see from the map now that it should have been pretty far down but I do not recall any difficulty.
18. Straight up to clearing then cut to trail. See now that I could have taken trail the whole way. The course line on my map obscured the trail and I never noticed it.
19. Think I saw Sandy coming down from clearing as I left. Suspect that I have gotten Sandy and Erics clothes confused and do not know who I am seeing. To clearing corner then trails. Almost caught Raymond again but fell back for a quick pit stop.
20. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Not thinking clearly
(G) Really botch this as Raymond looks like he is heading for H. Corinne was 150 m ahead going back up the road and Eric is just coming in as I leave. Decide to go GHJIF and only do the climb for F once. Stupidly do not realize that there is no climb to F if you do it first and it has a road run and attack point from 12. Cut the corner to the trail, follow the trail and then the stream to G. The woods are horrible and I make it worse by thinking the control will be up from the stream. I walk the last part on the steep bank W of the stream to be sure I do not miss it. Making such poor time I go back to the stream just in time to find the control pratically in it. Eric comes down the hill from F and punches right behind me.
21. (H) Eric and I are together.
22. Did not like map
Bad distance judgement
(J) To road and estimate distance from clearing at 9. Eric is ahead and has gone farther. In the woods I see Raymond going N. Can not tell if he has found it or not. After a quick check S, decide I must have overshot and go quite abit north before finding it. Do not see Eric or Raymond.
23. No attack point
Did not like map
(I) Follow bearing and find lots of marshy ground, lots of rootstocks and no controls. Check out stream again, decide I have passed it and this time I find it.
24. Tired
(F) Up the hill and right to it, paying the price for my stupid route choice earlier.
25. Tired
Not thinking clearly
Disturbed by others
Leisurely walk out to road where I saw Raymond again. Cut in to soon, did not find it so went back to road and this time cut in at the distinct tree. Raymond right behind me.
26. Down road to clearing, cross stream at trail then trail in. Raymond and I are together except for stream crossing.
27. Tired
Followed others
Not hurrying as we walk the trails. Never saw the water stop but still have some in my bottle anyway. Realize that we are almost done. I had been thinking we had 30 controls but now see there are only 28. To lazy to run but tell Raymond to not hold back for me. He jogs and of course I do also. Just behind him as we follow the streams down to the control.
28. He takes off slightly W and runs away. I try to same some climb on the E. Cross the boundary then hit the corner W of the control.
F. Across the fields and am confused by the appearance of an unmapped parking lot. Follow the streamers rest of way. Raymond apparently went to far W at 28, missed badly and finished behind me. I took it easy most of the way and had some big errors along the way. Felt pretty good when I finished since I was probably more lazy than tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:41:00

Split Analysis

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