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Race Evaluation

Hill Billy Goat:


1. Decided D was the way to exit the box, so went for B first. On way decided on BECAD. ECA was slightly uphill, but easy attacks. Out to road, ran with Ken Walker to B, watching (silly) people coming out of the woods to the road also. Eddie came in from somewhere and punched just ahead of us.
2. Down stream chasing Eddie, jump to middle of spur, punched just behind him.
3. Trying to stay up with Eddie not reading map, cross over trickles, when he stops, read map and realize we just need to run up the trickles, start back at same time I see Eddie spot control.
4. Loose Eddie on trail. Attack off trail reentrant junction.
5. Cross stream, go along hillside about 3 contours above stream 9handrail) right into control.
6. Over the top, aim off right, turn left at second stream, 50 meters to control.
7. Hit trail just above first bend, take off downhill to bridge at second bridge, hit straght on, down roads, pace count for attack, straight in.
8. Road, trail, contour about 3 contours above flat, miss a little low, but see hint of reentrant at right pace count so head up and into control.
9. Skirt marsh north, out to clearing/control.
10. Top of trickle, into distinct vegetation strip, boundary marker. Hit new trail with Eddie running down it, looks new and too early so continue up. See little reentrant to the right so head up their, too small so move north, spot Ann and control. Looks like Eddie heading up to top trail which I hope catchs him. FIRST at this point. Start to worry.
11. +01:30Down new trail to road, uphill to road, turn down trail at Ann's car, easy attack. Route choice error about 1.5 minutes. This is classic C shaped contours, so should have taken trail straight north and avoiding going down and up ~ 6 contours
12. Trail, over hill, rockpiles, control. Eddie punches as I drink water. Says saw two at last control.
13. Contour left around hill and hit trail. Eddie going staighter, hope he doesn't get into slash that Ann warned us about. North up the road probably faster for someone that can run uphill (not me). Turn right at second trail jnction, over spur, see clearing. straight in.
14. Recognize clearings from walk in, and saw control on walk in. Easy
15. Trail to food. Cameras! I am still first. Really worried now.
16. +04:00TBD
17. +02:00TBD
18. +05:00TBD
19. TBD
20. TBD
21. TBD
22. TBD
23. +02:00TBD
24. TBD
25. TBD
26. +01:30TBD
27. TBD
28. TBD

Total Time Lost - 00:16:00

Split Analysis

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