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Race Evaluation

Hill Billy Goat:


1. B - decided BECAD, angled to road, punched with Eric Smith
2. E - kept a little right to get spur, punched again with Eric
3. +06:00C - kept left trying to hit trickles and up to veg boundry - no control, after looping around with Eric (not much made sense) we found it
4. A - trail, stream, across (Eric stopped to help Mary), (C seemed right relative to trail, so people coming from A had an advantage)
5. D - got to right of stream and contoured
6. s to trail bend wsw to steep at stream, s to control, Eric and Tim Good catch me here
7. e to stream, contour to trail, follow Tim until he cuts off trail early, I go to trail jct aiming for road at stream crossing, Tim is the attack point
8. road, trail, contour to control, beat Tim descending from above
9. ese to road, punch ahead of Tim
10. +40:00straight to boundary corner and on to a (wrong) trail at streamer with Tim paralleling me. I set out exploring almost a kilometer of that trail (n and s) until I stumble onto a junction that relocates me about 500m s of control - see many other people equally confused - (should have believed the property corner and continued past trail another 60 or 70m to control) this was the last time I saw anyone on the course
11. trail around to bend and in
12. w to trail, right of shallow hilltop and in
13. up road (missing trail I intended to take) to trail n of start
14. n, then along veg
15. didn't touch the wire
16. nne to field corner, struggle with barbed wire, couldn't see yellow across road so I used stream bend s of control
17. +07:00nnw to first trail jct (would have saved me at least 7 min to proceed to the 2nd) angle to correct reentrant - no bag, check the other reentrants and decide it's just not there, decide to go on and head for correct trail jct, blundering into control w of it
18. keep right on trail headed e (will hit control or hit field)
19. +01:00stop for rest and a cliff bar at field corner, decide FGHJI, trails the whole way, wasted a min not following stream
20. F - road around to trail and similar attack point for 12, use steep falloff as handrail
21. G - struggle down straight to it
22. H - up and across just to right of it
23. +04:00J - road pacing from #9 clearing ending up too far s, decide road is too close to stream and backtrack n to control
24. I - up to steep just left of control
25. +04:00slow climb and across not recognizing anything until road, hesitant, find big tree and in
26. +05:00tried straight aiming left but hit right (15m), check all the rootstocks for 150m right before turning around
27. trail, field, trail to veg boundary then n keeping trickle on my left
28. straight to trail bend on s fork, to trail kink on n fork and up
F. up past pit toilet to easy footing. I probably would have done better had I paid more attention to the streamers as attack points but then it wouldn't have been as good as a rogaine tuneup. Thank You.

Total Time Lost - 01:07:00

Split Analysis

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