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Race Evaluation

Hill Billy Goat:


1. Did not check features en route
Followed others
Followed by others
Chose to do B-E-C-A-D. Left start going north and looped around onto road. Brad Whitmore and Eddie were right with me.
2. Did not check features en route
Followed others
Followed by others
E charged downhill to control. Brad and Eddie were gone after this control.
3. Followed by others
C compass line to top of streams. Saw several people wandering around looking for control. It was slightly east of where everyone was looking.
4. A via the trail. Left this with Corrine, but never saw her again.
5. D down the hill and across the stream. Hit the reentrant and curled up to control.
6. No attack point
Up hill and thru light green to control. Saw Eddie and Brad coming away from control area. Hesitated at control trying to determine how big the spur was (it was a small one). Looked up and down the stream a little.
7. To trail and followed it down the hillside. Paced down road and cut over at an angle to control.
8. Bad distance judgement
Road to stream, then up trail part way up hill. Contoured over to reentrant, but started looking too soon and wasted time.
9. Stopped for water and got ready, but forgot to look at map before I started the Mountain Goat leg.
10. Followed compass bearing, but kept trying to go straight up hill. Fortunately kept to line. Hit corner of forest property, so knew exactly where I was. Ran straight into reentrant and started climbing. Stopped at first road, but it looked too new, so kept going up to control.
11. Bad distance judgement
Down to unmapped road, followed it to main road. Then up to clearing and across trail. Miscounted paces and almost ran past my attack point corner. Saw the hilltop and decided to swing over for a look and got control.
12. Trail around contour and then over hilltop and past stone piles to control.
13. No attack point
Bad map reading
Not thinking clearly
Lacked concentration
Disturbed by others
Up main road to first trail and followed it around hill to directly S of control. Then up other trail to control. Thought this was supposed to be the control we walked by to the start (#14), so almost ran right by this one. Saw Eddie punching it and thought he was on his second loop, but looked at it anyway and found it was mine!
14. Cut across woods and field to ravine and down trail. Passed Eddie when he missed the side trail.
15. Raced Eddie into the barn (I lost). Time for first loop 1:19:19
16. No attack point
Read map too late
Lacked concentration
Brain fade continues to set in after stop: had no attack point for this one. Thought I would see the rough open, but was too far E when I hit the road. Wandered a bit until I spotted the veg boundary and dropped back down the hillside. First big error.
17. Frustrated
Disturbed by others
Contoured around hill and hit first trail junction. Ran to second jct and dropped down to reentrant. no control, but plenty of people looking around. Cut S a bit to see if I had the wrong reentrant. Confirmed I had been in the right one. Just about to bail out and keep going when I climbed up the hill 30m and saw it next to the logging road, clearly in the wrong spot. Apparently someone hiking past had moved it.
18. No attack point
Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Contoured around hill on logging trail and drifted way down hill. Should have gone up, but was sloppy on this one. Followed trail until I was due N of control, then turned S and climbed up about a dozen contours looking to relocate off of fields. Hit crest of hill right at control.
19. Bad route choice
Did not like map
Lacked confidence
Bit shakey after 3 bad controls, and this was no better. Headed E looking for main trail; instead got into a bunch of new trails going in all directions. Kept trending towards control and eventually hit ravine without ever knowing exactly where I was. Ran down ravine to boundary and found control.
20. Did this series F-G-H-J-I. Cut W, then followed trail down along stream and then up hillside to bend. Down spur to control.
21. G Straight down hill to bottom and then looked around a bit for rootstock.
22. H Over to next stream and up reentrant. Wrong one but was only 20m away and spotted it imediately.
23. Did not like map
J Ran down road and pace counted from #9. Went in too late and missed it. When stream closed in on road, realized I was too far and ran back upstream 50m to control.
24. No attack point
Did not check features en route
Underrated difficulty
Did not like map
Could not relocate
Lacked confidence
I Bearing from J took me too far to the R and slipped under marsh without seeing control. Neared stream before I realized error and followed base of hillside back S. Everything seemed like a marsh in this area!
25. Straight up over hill to road. Came out about 30m too high and ran down to pine tree to discover ruin.
26. Down to trail and across bog.
27. Did not like map
Confused parallel features
Followed trail to logging area and got confused. Was looking for trail over to springs above control, but didn't spot it. Ran down road to old house and followed boundary over to control. Bit low, had to search up.
28. Straight across hill.
F. Up through parking area.

Total Time Lost - 00:31:00

Split Analysis

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