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Race Evaluation

HOC/WRE Springtime in Shropshire: Urban Course 2


1. The street-side alley gate was closed which saved me making a big initial blunder.
2. +00:15Queue of five people waiting to dib at control #2 - infuriating! The same queue then passed off down the stairs and across the road...
3. ... which pushed me to take a longer but less congested route to the north to get over the railway tracks.
4. Straightforward north and round
5. Cut north as most others did
6. Fortunate to spot the very narrow path through the graveyard by being led through by someone in front of me that I'd caught.
9. +00:30If I'd not been forced north on the way to #3 I'd have seen this one earlier. Only saw one tree, came out and re-entered, seeing it the second time.
10. Recovering and re-focusing
12. Chose to head on the western route through the housing estate which set me up nicely for the control at the top of a double-backed ramp
15. Should probably have contoured round the south of the castle rather than over the top, but with the map folded the way I had I wouldn't have spotted that. Had runners ahead of me to overtake and spur me on.
16. Straight in.
17. And again, but hesitated very slightly as I moved round on to the weir, double checking the map.
18. Fastest leg here. I don't know why I found it so much faster than everyone else.
19. +01:00Hesitation. Should have followed my initial sense by heading round the outside, but decided to cut up the steep side and wore myself out. Also only went up the first half, and round the second. Stupid.
20. +00:30Under the drawbridge, not on top - stupid!
21. +00:30Wrong room and the route between them blocked by traffic.
22. Chose the upstairs room correctly - more chance than design.
23. Flying to the well. I'd spent enough time in the castle by this stage to know where I was going. Fastest leg.
F. And home. Turned on the afterburners for this one - loved coming through the gate to see the twins waiting for me and slid into the finish control.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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