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Race Evaluation

UNO Urban Forestry Center: Orange


1. Took a bit to adjust my brain to the 1:7500 scale, and running on variable density packed snow and glaze ice.
3. +02:00mismarked on one of the master maps?? I had it at the wrong end of the small marsh, and my too quick glance at control descriptions had me looking for a stone wall corner when there were no stone walls in the immediate vicinity. Crossed the stream twice, getting first one foot, then the other, wet.
5. +01:30Found a streamer in the right place and quite a few foot prints, assumed they were Ed Kotowski, who I knew was out ahead of me. Spent a minute of so circling around, figured it hadn't been hung or had disappeared, so went on. Went back out with a replacement control as soon as I finished. Hung it, then decided to search the area as there were reports of kids playing in the area and thought they might have tossed it somewhere. Quickly found the original control, hung downhilll of the correct location just below a (correctly) unmapped bump (too small to map). Moved it up top the correct spot for the benefit of the numerous recreational folks out.
9. Took trail to the right of the line.
10. Long slog along variable conditions on the trail. Quite a few folks out today - many orienteers and others walking dogs, walking kids, etc.
F. Out to the road. A pleasant day for a run. Many thanks to Deb H for putting this on singlehandedly.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:30

Split Analysis

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