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Race Evaluation

BAOC Sprint Champs, Point Pinole: Chase


1. Hesitated
Followed others
Waited for Wyatt and Syd (+:07 and +:09). Did not want to do my own navigation in the beginning.
2. With the two until #5.
6. Tried to beat Syd on route choice but didn't, actually lost a bit. Wyatt started to fall behind.
7. Bad compass work
Syd went a bit to the right of the line, I went even more to the right, hoping for a clear view of the clearing to come. Syd figured the situation out once he hit the clearing, so he was quite a bit ahead at the control and Wyatt caught up with me.
8. This was the planned leg to pass Syd. It looked very feasible as I closed the 11 second gap in the first 200 m. But as I approached, Syd slowed down, and so did I. About 600 m into the leg, I passed but did not build much of a gap (maybe a second or so). On the downhill at the end of the leg, Syd passed me again. It was clear that it was over (remember, need 8-9 seconds on Syd for the finish chute...)
9. Dropped back a couple of seconds.
10. Went different routes with Syd, caught maybe a second or two but still a touch behind him.
F. Syd's chute time = :21.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:20

Split Analysis

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