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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint A Course 3 (R/B)


1. +00:30I went out to the field and cut back in at the corner. It was more green than expected. I was preapared for the 1:4,000 scale but not the 1.5m contours. I was expecting to see a much deeper reentrant. I stopped at the right distance a bit left of it. After seeing it, I saw J. Brautigam observing the fun.
2. +00:15I used the trails, almost missing one turn--the trail was so faint. I stopped before correcting and apparantly lost more time than expected.
3. +00:05I ran down the tail but pulled-up a little early. It seemed to me that there was an extra boulder but it must not have met the mapping criteria--something I often have trouble with in CT.
4. I ran straightish, following the white woods as much as possible, then bearing left.
5. I used the trails but once in the woods I was a bit more left than I thought I should be. As I approached, I saw Ksenyia running toward #6.
6. +01:00I ran fairly straight and hit the wall. I was expecting the control to be on the other side but didn't look at the map again till I had walked on the wall to the trail intersection--somehow I missed seeing in on my right though I thought I was looking on both sides. After some more reading and turning back, I found it and couldn't believe I missed it earlier.
7. Out to the field and in on the trail until the woods opened up.
8. I ran fairly straight and caught back up to Kristaps Tamuzs who had probably passed me while I wandered around #6. He led me in.
9. Kristaps got out fast but I gained. I think he kept me from making a mistake going wide right.
12. I got out fast and moved ahead of Kristaps. As we entered the ride, I went straight across and hit the trail to the pond. Kristaps went through the ride and I didn't see him again. Seeing the turn for the pond, I was still hesitant.
15. +00:01As I left #14 and got to the field, I passed Jeff Saeger on the left by a step or so, then turned right thinking the control would be there. I almost tripped Jeff in the process of this boo boo. I instantly knew that I had to go around the next field edge...
F. I had worried that Jeff Saeger might catch me.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:51

Split Analysis

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