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Race Evaluation

Sprint Series Final & US Relay Champs: Sprint A Course 3 (R/B)


1. No attack point
Did not follow plan
Lacked confidence
Unused to map
Took the left trail out of the start, but hesitated when I got to the junction by the green. Took the right fork instead of left like I intended. Basically, I wasn't used to the 1:4000 scale yet and didn't think I was already at the trail fork. Ran along the trail S for a bit, then saw the stone wall to my left and also a control. Went to check it, not confident it's my #1, but it was. Brendan had caught up to me already.
2. Back over the stonewall. Then along the trail W. We ran past the fork where I should've taken a left. But corrected quickly when the trail started bending to the N.
3. Brendan took the trail while I stayed in the white forest. Pretty much straight to #3.
4. Keeping the stonewall parallel to my right, with Brendan leading me straight to the control.
5. No attack point
Followed others
Back on the trail. Got a bit confused with the intersections of trails and stonewalls. Joined by Samantha. Off the trail and along the greener side of the stonewall to the control.
6. +00:30Went right of the redline, over a couple stonewalls, and onto a trail. Trying to keep B in sight, but in the process missed my left turn at the trail junction. Instead ran wide right in the direction of #14. Finally realized what happened when the trail curved W and past a stonewall (just E of #6). From there I slowed down, looking but not seeing the control. It was well hidden when vegetation.
7. Quickly out to the open field, along the edge to trail head. Then E along trail to left at junction.
8. Dogleg back out to trail. At the T-junction, went straight down, over stonewall, into control.
9. Over wall, then along another straight to control.
10. Stayed a bit left of redline. I thought running was easier on the flatter ground. Slightly slowed by the light green around the control.
11. Across firebreak, on a compass bearing. Mike S. passed me on the way so he kind of led me to the control.
12. Just left of redline back to the firebreak. Originally planned to turn left and use the trail to #12. Then changed my mind when I saw 2 other guys going straight (right of the green blob).
13. Out of the trail, right at junction, then attacked from the bend.
14. Along W side of stonewall. Over wall. Hopped on trail till the bend. Then straight to control after jumping over big wall.
15. Mostly straight out to the field. Saw Mike S. just ahead. Then straight thru the white parts to the trail, which led me to the control.
F. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:00

Split Analysis

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