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Race Evaluation

2007 USOF Convention and Colorado 5-Days: Blue Day 1


1. Pretty much straight.
2. Veered slightly to the right to hit the road, although could probably have gone straight towards the hilltop.
3. Slightly to the left to avoid the worst vegetation, passing Lori. Then diagonally down, making sure not to end up too low. Hit the control dead on.
4. Straight, avoiding the temptation to contour.
5. +00:15Hesitated a bit - wanted to make sure not to count the reentrants wrong. Saw the control easily from far away.
6. Started going straight, then realized that the ridge in the field was taller than expected. Used the ridge to cross. Climbed over the top of the spur rather than going around.
7. +00:20Went high, and managed to count the reentrants wrong. Overran a tiny bit.
8. Straight, climbing the final spur early.
9. Went a little high to avoid the reentrants. Saw Rex punching ahead of me.
10. Used the tree in the field for navigation, but went slightly to the left and aimed for the water.
11. +01:00Went too high up and had some problems reading the map.
12. +00:20Considered doing something fancy to minimize the number of barbed wire fence crossings, but ended up going straight. The control was higher up than I expected, and I missed slightly to the left.
13. +00:15Went too low and had to circle the rocks to find the right cliff. Caught up with Rex finally, who hadn't found it yet.
14. Followed the valley for a while, then cut across the streambeds. The last one was pretty steep, and I sidetracked a few meters to the left.
15. Climbed the ridge on the left, then saw it from 50m away.
16. +00:20I used the vegetation to navigate, but overran the cliff and ended up on the hilltop just on the other side. Turned around to see Rex drinking water.
17. Rex went low, but I decided to climb to the road instead. Rex ended up with a better split, but that may have been partly because I stopped to drink water. There was a nice ridge/spur from the road to guide me to the control. Saw Rex 100m ahead of me before punching.
18. As I ran into the field on compass, I was suprised not to see Rex anywhere. Then as I got close to the ditch, I noticed him to the right. Later he told me he was running without a compass! I passed the small building on the left and ran straight into the right reentrant. Rex was over the small ridge to the right and saw me punch.
19. Instead of running in the open reentrant, I stayed higher to the right for a while to shorten the distance.
20. Easy.
21. On compass, paying attention to contours, and noticing the location of the man-made feature on the spur.
22. Straight, but almost made a wrong turn when I spotted another control to the left just before this one.
F. Didn't sprint hard - another race tomorrow...

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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