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Race Evaluation

WCOC BBQ and Meeting: Sprint B


1. +03:00Felt disoriented from the start. When I got to the trail, it seemed to deadend and I didn't even notice right away that it headed directly to the left instead of going straight first. Took it the junction, then along the lower trail looking for a place to attack the laurel. Apparently I went further than I thought because I missed the big boulder way to the right. Struggled throught he laurel looking for a "spur". Saw a boulder off to my right which I struggled to. Figured out correctly it was the boulder ne of the circle. But then took forever to fight my way to the flag. Lots of tripping and falling.
2. Demoralized as a fought my way back up to the trail. My slow split on this and later legs shows that I just wasn't putting out much energy, since I didn't have any trouble finding them.
3. Took the trail around. Then slowgoing through the slash to get to it. Apparently straight wasn't so bad. (I wasn't even tempted to try the indistinct trail north of the line.)
4. Open areas to the main trail. Then around and up.
5. I didn't trust being able to follow the indistinct trail by the pond (waterhole), so I went up the main trail to the small trail past the bend and followed it almost to the line, then straight. I was being very careful running down through the ferns because I knew one false step could screw up my hip. Aimed a little left into the rocky ground and then cut over to it.
6. Up the left side of the reentrant, looking for the indistinct trail. Never found it. So I soldiered on to the big cliff, then grabbed a bit of the other indistinct trail to the main rail. Then down past the manmade object, over the small knoll, up to the top of the bigger knoll (coming at it from the right, where the woods were more passable), and right to it.
7. Weaving around on little trails, clearings, until I got to the knoll overlooking the pond. Then down and across the stream hitting the trail quite a bit south of the pond. Then around on the main trail, coming in again past the parked cars.
F. Not much in the tank for the run in. Clint and Glen did this in 24 and 26? Impressive.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:00

Split Analysis

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