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Race Evaluation

WCOC BBQ and Meeting: Sprint B


1. Down the rocky reentrant and found the white woods into the control.
2. Back up the hill to the trail.
3. Back to big trail but then indistinct trail to NW and was able to follow it around to the clearing. Spotted the bag as Rick Dewitt seemed to go right past it.
4. Across the slash and then the clearing to trail, Followed trail to clearing with control.
5. Big trail all the way beyond where it crosses the line connecting 5 and 6. Took the sourthern indistinct trail and then followed the rocky marsh into the bag.
6. Doubled back and found the more northern indistinct trail past the uncrossable marsh. Crossed the big trail and followed the indistinct trail leading to the control.
7. Trail SW from 6 to third trail leading right (missed the second one). Headed NW around the darker green and then just kept heading west until I hit the big trail south of the pond. Trail SW into clearing and across the clearing to the trail leading to 7.
F. Peter Polivka was just behind as I punched at 7 so I took it up a notch to be sure I didn't have to compete with him for the finish punch.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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